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UK-bound pets from Greece, Madeira, Portugal, Spain and France

Couriers J and Matthew added pets from Madeira, Portugal, Spain and France to their recent return journey from Greece. As soon as they reached the UK, happy reunions began. Anouk Charming French Bulldog Anouk flew with her owner from Funchal, Madeira to Lisbon in Portugal, where she joined our road trip to the UK. Anouk, a very settled passenger, is travelling all the way to Inverness in Scotland. Anouk out walking at our hotel in Tours Ollie Ollie and his family have been living in Lagos, Portugal, for some years, but now it's time to return to the [...]

Meet 12 dogs travelling from Greece

Animalcouriers are on their way to the UK with 12 dogs travelling from Greece. Billy Billy hails from Kozani in northern Greece. This big strong fellow, who is also a real softie, and has a foster home waiting for him in the UK. Handsome Billy Peaches Peaches, in contrast, is our smallest traveller, but makes up for her diminutive size with a big personality. Raised by Rebecca of Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions, Peaches is on her way to a foster home in Manchester, where would-be adopters will doubtless flock to her. Scrumptious little Peaches Robbie [...]

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Introducing our UK-bound passengers from Greece

We met up with a gorgeous group of cats and dogs, our UK-bound passengers travelling from Greece. It was a glorious morning in Glyfada (a suburb of Athens), as pets and their owners started to assemble round our van Tiggs, Simba, Widdle Puss, Lexey and Jelly This fantastically named fivesome belong to David and Gay. All the cats attached themselves to David and Gay while they were living on the island of Skiathos. Now it's time to return to the UK, and all the cats are going too. Our friend Akis, pet taxi driver extraordinaire, collected the cats [...]

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When Richard met Teddy — and more about Central Bark in Manchester

Six of the dogs who recently travelled with us by air and road from Greece headed to the Central Bark Beach Dog Café in Manchester. The café works with Starlight Barking Trust and Lesvos Stray Cat and Dog Adoptions to help stray and unwanted Greek dogs find new homes in the UK. Run by Tony and Tania, the Beach Dog Café is open to anyone, and especially welcomes dog-owners and dog-lovers. It's also an opportunity for people to meet dogs, like these six, who are looking for forever homes. Tony and Tania take on a few dogs at a time, who get to enjoy all the brilliant [...]

Airlift from Greece: nine dogs going to the UK

On his way to the UK with Pipi, Boomer, Hector and Dylan, courier M dropped courier J at Milan airport to board a flight to Greece, ready to help with the airlift from Greece of nine dogs going to the UK. Three dogs travelled for the Wild at Heart Foundation. The other six went to the Central Bark Beach Dog Café in Manchester. Four are from Lesvos, and two are from Lemnos. The Starlight Barking Trust has pledged to help as many Lemnos strays as possible to find new homes. If you'd like to make a donation to support the trust's work, you can use the [...]

Canine airlift from Greece to Paris, then on to the UK by road

Animalcouriers worked with local Greek welfare organisations to help arrange flights to Paris for 10 young dogs and puppies. Couriers J & M drove to Greece; while couriers Mike and Matthew left two other Animalcouriers vans at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, before boarding a flight to Athens. Couriers Mike & Matthew then accompanied the dogs on their flight to Athens to Paris, and took them into the UK by road. Meatball and Michu This gorgeous pair of pups were discovered abandoned near a refugee camp in the Ioannina area of northern Greece. They were looked after by Matilda and Veronica, who [...]

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Meet cats and dogs from Greece, and the welfare groups supporting them

We arrived in Greece and had a couple of days to spare to clean our van, do a spot of sightseeing, and take in the Nine Lives Greece fundraising bazaar, before meeting our UK-bound passengers. All are rescues, on their way to new homes in the UK. Sightseeing We headed for Greece's most famous historical site, the Acropolis of Athens. Entry was free on the day, so even better! Crowds of Athenians also took advantage of the offer, so it felt like peak tourist season It's a long climb to the top but well worth it to [...]

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Wilson and Derek, our UK-bound VIPs from Greece

We have a crew of splendid pets travelling with us from Greece to the UK. Among them are Wilson and Derek from Lesvos, who flew into Athens to join the trip. Both dogs are rescues with remarkable back stories — and both now have wonderful new homes, too. Wilson and Derek ready for take-off from Lesvos Wilson Wilson has been in the care of Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Cat and Dog Adoptions for more than six months. When she rescued him, it was clear he'd suffered damage to one of his front legs, and sadly it's of little use to [...]

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Tales from the Greek islands

The dogs who travelled with us from Lesvos and Lemnos by air have now arrived at their forever homes. Here are a few of their stories. Cinnamon Cinnamon's story is one of the most amazing we've come across. A stray on Lesvos, she became attached to Sam, a member of the Royal Navy whose patrol boat was looking out for immigrants in the Aegean Sea. During the several months that Sam and the rest of the crew were stationed on Lesvos, he and Cinnamon became good friends. So much so that Cinnamon would wait patiently at the port for Sam [...]

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Meet our road trip passengers from Greece

After courier J left for Lesvos to accompany dogs travelling to the UK by air, courier Mike joined courier M to collect the pets travelling by road. Hera Simon found Hera when she was very young, suffering from a damaged leg. He arranged for her to have an operation and took care of her. Simon runs a holiday resort on one of the Greek islands and is becoming increasingly involved in animal rescue, so we may well meet him again. Meanwhile, little Hera stole the hearts of another Simon and Sonia, who are giving her a new home in Hampshire. [...]

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