Helping to re-establish ospreys in Spain

We were delighted to be asked again to help transport osprey chicks in a project to re-establish ospreys in Spain. The project, put together by the RSPB in conjunction with their counterparts in Spain, involves transporting young birds from the Scottish Highlands to Denia. Osprey experts sourced birds from this year's chicks based on criteria such as the strength of the individual birds, and their capability to pair and settle down to help establish the population in Spain. The journey started at midnight on day one, as Courier Huw and Pedro, an osprey expert from Spain, loaded up the [...]

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Collections in Italy, reunions in the UK

After crossing from Greece we stopped off for more collections in Italy, before making our way to Calais. When we reached the UK, it was time for happy reunions. We enjoyed the autumn colours that were just starting to show, and felt that Baloo, from Greece, with his golden coat, made the scene complete Titi, who also joined us in Greece, content to sit and watch the world go by Scrabble We collected Springer/Labrador cross Scrabble from the NATO base at Lago Patria. Owner Kevin, who manages staffing at the base, carefully organised things so that [...]

To Ibiza to collect Danielle’s 10 dogs and 20 cats

Animalcouriers travelled to Ibiza to collect Danielle's 10 dogs and 20 cats. Danielle and her partner Morgan have spent a number of years on this delightful Spanish island, where they have adopted (or been adopted by) many dogs and cats. Now they're heading back to the UK, and have found a suitable property in Kent to move into with their much loved brood. Morgan went on ahead to start getting the new place ready, while Danielle stayed behind to see the pets away safely. Many people and organisations have supported the move of these 30 pets. They include: A kind [...]

Collecting a family of dogs, cats and rabbits in Normandy; and heading to Jersey in convoy

While couriers J and M set off with Mal's big family of cats and birds, courier Mike was in the Normandy area collecting a slightly smaller family of pets. Gill and her family have lived on a farm near Calvados for many years, and are now heading back to the UK. They're moving to Dorchester, so not a million miles from their old French haunts! The family's three dogs, four cats and two rabbits are travelling with us. Rosie Pomme is a lovely big German Shepherd Dog, and Dolly is a Burmese Mountain Dog. Completing the canine contingent is little [...]

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Collecting Billie, Sammy, Demetri, Randall and Hector on Lesvos

To collect the first passengers for our UK-bound trip, Animalcouriers took the ferry to the island of Lesvos, where we had a very interesting visit to the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Agia Paraskevi. The museum was originally a cooperative oil mill set up in 1911, under communitarian principles, to help small olive oil producers. The olives were pressed and the oil handed back to the growers, who could then go to market and could compete with the big boys and get a fair price for their small amount of oil. The mill was eventually closed down in [...]

Heading to Germany and Scandinavia with Margot, Onyxia, Loki, Sooty, Kiwi, Sanji and Garfield; and back to the UK with Ralph and Guinness

While couriers J and M were wending their way through France towards the UK, courier Mike set off from Blighty with pets heading to more northerly parts of Europe. Kayla has moved from Brighton to Berlin and was delighted to find there was a way for her pet rabbit Margot to travel out to join her. Tanja and her family have relocated from Cork in Ireland to Tommerup in Denmark. Their four cats, Onyxia, Loki, Sooty and Kiwi travelled with Animalcouriers to their new Danish home. Young Bengal kitten Sanji left his breeder Dane in the UK to live with [...]

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Rescue dogs and cats: why they can’t currently leave Greece

The EU uses an electronic system called TRACES to legally and reliably track the movement of pets being rehomed from one EU country to another. At the moment, however, the Greek government won't issue TRACES certificates. This means that Animalcouriers can't currently transport cats and dogs from rescue centres in Greece on behalf of adopters in the UK or any other EU country. (We can, however, transport pets who are relocating with their existing owners from Greece and have valid pet passports.) For the time being, if you want to adopt a rescue animal from Greece, you have to go [...]

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Travelling back from France with Jalankayu Joquet, Jalankayu Jetnayu, Baboushka and Minnette

Continuing our feline theme after delivering Sophia, Chiara and Georgia to their new French home, Animalcouriers collected four cats who are travelling with us to the UK. In Goujonac we met up with old friends of ours, Jacquie and Stephen, along with vet Dr Diana James. We first met Jacquie, who breeds Singapura cats, when we helped her move her cats to France. Since then, we've transported a number of her lovely kittens to UK homes. On this trip are gorgeous Jalankayu Joquet and Jalankayu Jetnayu, who were born on Boxing Day 2014. One is going to live in Wales [...]

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