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We are aware of Facebook scam called Macaw/cockatoo/amazon parrots for Adoption in UK. A man calling himself Martin is supposedly offering exotic birds for adoption in the UK free of charge. He asks prospective new owners to pay him for the birds’ transport, which he says will be performed by Animalcouriers.

This is a scam, so please don’t pay him. There are no birds for adoption. And we have nothing to do with Martin or his scam. Find out more about how to protect yourself against scams.

Quotation validity: 3 months

The pricing in our quotations is valid for pet travel that’s due to take place within three months of the quotation date. If you’re booking pet travel more than three months in advance, we will do our best to honour the quoted prices. However, if the cost of fuel, motorway tolls, ferry crossings or any other element has gone up by the time your pet(s) start their journey, we reserve the right to pass those increases on to you.

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You can write to us at Animalcouriers Ltd, 202 Godstone Road, Caterham, Surrey, CR3 6RD, UK.