Animalcouriers provides a safe, reliable service for pet travel by road throughout Europe and the UK. Our couriers are experienced drivers and our vehicles are customised with comfortable travel compartments and security features. We aim to make pet road travel an affordable service while prioritising the animals’ welfare and safety.

Our clients appreciate that our trips may take longer than some other companies offer, because we build in time for all pets to eat, drink and rest, and for dogs to have plenty of walks and wee stops.

Read a summary of Defra’s advice on pet travel between the UK and EU post Brexit.

on the journey

  • Our pet couriers are trained and experienced animal handlers — find out more about us
  • We have a range of custom-fitted vehicles, all with air-conditioning and/or electric airflow
  • We provide appropriate accommodation for each type and size of animal — we’ll ask you for your pet’s dimensions and weight so that we can make sure it has a comfortable travel compartment
  • We follow a strict cleaning and disinfection regime
  • Our journeys incorporate time to clean, feed and exercise the pets
  • Overnight stops at secure locations ensure animals have sufficient rest
  • If transporting pets by road isn’t feasible or you’re travelling beyond Europe, we also offer an animal air travel service
  • You can follow your pet’s progress on our blog, on twitter and on facebook — or feel free to give us a call
  • London deliveries are generally made in the evening — it’s quicker, and so better for animal welfare

pet passports & AHCs

We can advise on pet passports, animal health certificates, and any other import/export paperwork.

scheduled or tailored road trips

Depending on timing and destination, your pet may be able to join one of our scheduled trips that enable costs to be shared with other owners. Alternatively we can tailor collection and delivery services to your needs. This includes collecting pets that fly into selected airports in the UK, France and Spain.

Unfortunately we cannot transport small mammals (ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs etc), reptiles or amphibians on UK-only trips. But they can join trips between the UK and Europe in either direction.

travel partners

We have partnership arrangements with Eurotunnel and P&O.

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We can organise boarding for your pet at either end of the trip, to bridge any gaps in dates. Whenever possible, this will be using our own home boarding service or a kennels or cattery that we know and like.

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Europe with Animalcouriers

Below is a map of the places where we’ve collected or delivered pets. It will be updated as trips progress.