Animalcouriers are trained and experienced animal handlers with many years’ practical experience of working with and transporting animals. Team members have a background in animal welfare, animal management or specialist veterinary training. We are used to handling dogs, cats, birds (including birds of prey), livestock, reptiles, exotic species and more; and are experienced at dealing with the related regulations.

We prioritise the safety and comfort of the animals placed in our care, and are committed to making travel as pleasant, stress free and seamless as possible for your pets. We aim to offer you an animal transport service that meets both your needs and those of your animals. Depending on your requirements, your location and destination, and whether your pet will travel by road or by air, we can work with you to organise and carry out the whole trip, or simply advise you on paperwork and how to book.

We have full liability insurance.

guidelines, standards and authorisations

Animalcouriers works within the guidelines and to the approved standards for each type of animal we transport. We are:

  • A UK Government-authorised animal transporter with customised vehicles that are regularly inspected and authorised by Defra
  • A UK Government-authorised quarantine carrying agent (2 vans)
  • An accredited IATA (International Air Transport Association) cargo agent
  • A member of IPATA (International Pet Animal Transport Association)

Find out more about our qualifications and authorisations.

our contact and company details

Animalcouriers Ltd
202 Godstone Road

office: +44 (0)1483 200123
mobile: +44 (0)7736 251800

Animalcouriers Ltd:
Registered Limited Company 04916189
VAT Registration no. 823 3763 31
Registered Office:
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