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our scheduled road trips

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Below is our proposed timetable of scheduled road trips for pet travel in the UK and continental Europe. We’ll add more details as they become available. To find out about booking your pet onto one of these trips, please contact us. To find out how a current trip is going, visit our travel blog, follow us on twitter or like us on facebook.

These are just the trips we’ve already planned. If your pet needs to travel between locations not shown here, or at a different time, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Don’t forget we can also arrange boarding at either end of a journey to bridge any gaps in dates. Please note, we can’t take small mammals (ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs etc), reptiles or amphibians on UK-only trips.

scheduled road trips

window of time Europe UK
December 2017    
1-3 December Southern England to Aberdeen / Orkney / Shetlands
— return trip fully booked
4-7 December Crete / Athens / Italy / France / UK
11-14 December UK / Italy / Greece (Athens)
14-18 December Greece (Athens) / Italy / UK
11-14 December UK / France / Spain / Portugal
15-20 December Portugal / Spain / France / UK
22-23 December Zurich / UK (London)
January 2018    
4-6 January England / Northern Ireland / Republic of Ireland / England
7-9 January UK / France / Spain
9-11 January Spain / France / UK
29 January to 2 February UK / France / Italy / Greece
February 2018    
3-7 February Greece / Italy / France / UK
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