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Bunch and Harry are on the road towards the UK

Near Pisa we met up with Bunch the Pug and his uncle, owner Lorenzo's brother. Lorenzo and his family left for the UK a little while ago, and are very excited about seeing Bunch again. Also travelling with Animalcouriers is young puppy Harry, who's been staying with family friends in France, waiting for his passport to become valid. Despite his diminutive size, he's very brave and ready to bark at anything, even if it's 20 times his size! A goodbye hug for Bunch from his uncle A closer look at that cute Puggy face [...]

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Meet Dexter and Lucy who are on their way to London

Brother and sister Border Collies Dexter and Lucy are taking travel in their stride. Just seven months old, they're very confident passengers and seem to be enjoying their adventure. Animalcouriers collected them from their beautiful country villa near Avignon in the south of France, and are transporting them to their London address. These two darlings are set to become 'frequent flyers' as they split their time between their two homes, enjoying a very different lifestyle in each. Lovely Lucy not too approving of the increasing wind and rain as we travel northwards Dear Dexter's not [...]

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Ginger-and-white Whiskey from Rome joins our journey to the UK

Animalcouriers drove from Athens to the port of Igoumenitsa to catch the ferry to the Italian port of Brindisi. We then headed to Rome to meet Gennaro and his cat Whiskey. Gennaro has lived all his life around Rome and Naples but now, at 90 years young, is off to live with his son and his partner, Irene, in the UK. Whiskey is going on ahead, and will be waiting to greet Gennaro when he arrives. Whiskey was all ready for the off when we called in to collect him from Gennaro A closer look [...]

Renaming our van ‘the Argo’ as we leave Athens with Jason, Hector, Ririkos, Bilia, Boxoh, Dusty, Zarly and Pouca on board

Kiki, Martha, Marguerita and other dear friends, we miss you! The Greek government has placed a halt on the movement of rescued pets out of Greece. So six dogs and cats who were due to travel with us to wonderful new homes in the UK now have to wait — or may never even be allowed to travel. TRACES certificates are a legal and reliable way of recording the movement of rescued and rehomed dogs and cats from one EU member state to another. But sadly for many dogs and cats, Greece has withdrawn TRACES certificates. We (and many others) are [...]

From reunions in Stoupa to Athens, to meet Pouca the cat

When Animalcouriers reached Greece by ferry from Italy, our first stop was Stoupa, to reunite cats Mr Pickles and Douglas, and dogs Murphy and Twiglet with Sharon. Overnight accommodation in the area is a bit sparse at this time of year but we were lucky enough to end up in a rather nice little cottage. With the weather howling and storming outside, we took advantage of the open fire which had been laid ready for us. Along with the firewood was a plastic bag full of amazingly effective firelighters — pieces of cardboard soaked in olive oil. Sacrilege! we hear [...]

Collecting Blair and Putin in Germany for their trip to the UK

At much the same time as couriers J and M reached Greece, courier S found herself in rather exalted company in Berlin. Blair and Putin have been living in this fine capital city for a couple of months while their passports and travel arrangements were finalised. With promises of a large garden and fresh west country air to look forward to at their new UK home, these two cats are anticipating good times ahead. They're proving the perfect travel companions, sharing a hotel room with courier S last night and everyone enjoying snacks in bed. This morning they'll cross to [...]

Bibi and Odin are reunited in Switzerland, and Ruben, Hugo, Red and Jim arrive in France

After reuniting cats Fleur and Mittens with their owners, Mike and Debbie, in Normandy, we drove into Switzerland to deliver Bibi and Odin to Alan and his family. It was hard to say who was more excited at the reunion — humans or dogs! Then it was back into France to drop handsome trio Ruben, Hugo and Red at Le Jardin des Chats, a super cattery in the Montpellier area, where they'll have a short stay until their owner Susan catches up with them. And we left Gentleman Jim with mutual friends, for collection by his owner Faith. The next day, with [...]

Meet our passengers from the UK: Odin, Bibi, Murphy, Twiglet, Mr Pickles, Douglas, Jim, Hugo, Ruben, Red, Fleur and Mittens

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with a fine group of feline and canine passengers on board. Odin and Bibi are travelling with us to Switzerland, to join Alan and his family. Although they'll primarily be the family's pets, they've also been trained by Len from K9 Protector to protect and look after all the family members. Len says he's really enjoyed training these two — we must say, they are a very soft and friendly pair of dogs. Family of four Mr Pickles, Douglas, Murphy and Twiglet are relocating with Sharon to Greece. Their journey started in Devon, and their new [...]

Why do cats love boxes? It may well be because small spaces make them feel more secure

Occasionally clients comment that cats who travel with Animalcouriers don't seem to have very much room in their compartments. But cats are big fans of small spaces, as they help them feel more secure, especially in unfamiliar or stressful situations. Think back to when you adopted your cat — to help your cat settle in you were probably advised to confine him or her to one room in your home initially, then gradually introduce everywhere else. Does your cat jump into an empty box whenever you leave one lying around? Or try to fit into seemingly impossible tiny spaces for [...]

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Danai from Greece has a new home in the Netherlands; can you help Rita find a new home too?

Do you remember Danai? She was in the care of the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens Central Park since being left there as a puppy with her six litter mates. Danai had a serious eye condition — a dermoid cyst — that needed operating on. But at around €700, the cost was beyond the budget of the shelter. So Kiki, Martha and their colleagues set about raising funds. Many people were moved by Danai's story. Alexandros, a friend of the shelter, ran the Athens marathon to help raise money. Others — including followers of this blog — made donations. Everyone's generosity meant enough [...]

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