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Meet pets travelling to Greece from the UK

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with pets travelling to Greece. We chose an overland route, through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, as shaded open-deck spots weren't available on the ferry route from Italy to Greece. Charlie Charlie, an irrepressible Cocker Spaniel, travelled with us from London to Thessaloniki in Greece. Charlie, a lively and lovable fellow Serenity Cute as a button and as calm as her name suggests, Serenity is a four-month-old Bull Mastiff. We collected her from her breeder Triona in Hampshire, and took her to her new owner Christos in  Thessaloniki. Darling Serenity [...]

Season’s greetings from Animalcouriers

It's been another wonderful year of reuniting pets and people, both on the road and in the air. We've made lots of new friends, and have enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces. We continue to be impressed by the work done by so many animal charities and shelters, taking care of stray and unwanted animals, and finding new homes for so many lucky pups and kits. On our latest European road trip, which took us to France, Spain and Portugal and back, we saw some marvellous Christmas scenes and decorations. Here's a selection… A festive scene in La Cala [...]

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Delivering pets in Switzerland and Italy, and collecting new passengers on our way back to the UK

We set off from the UK with a sweet pup and a gorgeous cat on board; and made the return trip with a passenger list of six dogs, two pups and a grande dame cat. Betsy Lovely Cocker Spaniel pup Betsy spent the night with courier S before the trip began, and enjoyed an evening stroll around the farm. Her new home is in the beautiful Lippiano hills near Florence Those puppy dog eyes! Betsy on arrival at her new Italian home, sporting her best collar and lead Betsy meeting her new playmate [...]

Reunions in Spain for Cloud, Dory and Kurco, and we enjoy a night on the Camino de Santiago

Animalcouriers spent the night just outside the southern French town of Narbonne, where the dogs enjoyed countryside walks. Cloud enjoying a morning walk in Narbonne Dory also enjoyed a morning walk alongside a vineyard Misty gets a cuddle from courier M Here's Kurco with an exceptionally waggy tail! After walks and breakfast, we set off for the north-western Spanish city of Santander, to reunite little Westie Cloud with Jose. A very happy Cloud, with an equally happy Jose We then headed to Vigo, where Patrick and Saehee very kindly met [...]

Zigg, Rikki, Shelley and Louis join our trip; and we enjoy an authentic Portuguese dining experience with old friends

In Faro Animalcouriers met up with Nuno and his dog Zigg. Nuno's girlfriend has already moved to London, and now it's Zigg's turn to make the journey. Nuno will follow on soon. Both Nuno and his girlfriend are moving for work. We were pleased to have the chance to call in on Heather and Alan, old friends of ours who run Barking Mad Kennels near Lagos. They've been looking after Rikki, a holiday romance for Sandy. Sandy found stray Rikki while on holiday in the area — she'd been injured in an accident. Sandy decided to adopt Rikki, and asked [...]

Reunions in Spain and Portugal; Molly, Eva and Magali get on board; and we catch sight of Africa

Animalcouriers delivered Penny, Leonard, Oscar and Spike to their various destinations in Spain, then drove on to Portugal to collect the first of our UK-bound passengers, Molly. It seems only right to have another friendly English Bulldog on board, now that Spike is back with Fernando. Molly's been staying at the Merrylegs Pet Hotel in Loule, run by Logan and Laura. Molly is on her way to Birmingham to rejoin Fran. We then headed to Obidos for a hectic reunion for Tinks, JJ, Dexter and Aslan with their family. As we drove away, we spotted several hundred pine trees with their bark [...]

Leaving the UK with Myrtle, Oscar, Smokey, Izzie, Tinks, Aslan, Dexter, JJ, Penny, Leonard, Lola, Spike, Muppet and Boo — and learning all about prunes and Armagnac

Animalcouriers left the UK with a fine set of passengers on board, all heading to mainland European destinations. Fiona and Nicholas have moved from Winchester to the Bergerac area of France. They went on ahead and left their glamorous black Pug, Myrtle, in the tender car of Nell Parry at Willowmead Cottage Kennels, which is where we collected her for the journey. Friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oscar is travelling with us to Torrox in Spain. This Geordie fellow has set himself up as the one-man welcoming committee for all the other pets joining our trip, greeting everyone with a [...]

Collecting Billie, Sammy, Demetri, Randall and Hector on Lesvos

To collect the first passengers for our UK-bound trip, Animalcouriers took the ferry to the island of Lesvos, where we had a very interesting visit to the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Agia Paraskevi. The museum was originally a cooperative oil mill set up in 1911, under communitarian principles, to help small olive oil producers. The olives were pressed and the oil handed back to the growers, who could then go to market and could compete with the big boys and get a fair price for their small amount of oil. The mill was eventually closed down in [...]

Collecting UK-bound pets in Portugal and Spain: Rafa, Meiow Meiow, Ziollo and Q

Having reunited all the pets who travelled with us from the UK with their owners, Animalcouriers turned around and set off on the UK-bound leg of the trip. The first passenger to get on board was Rafa, who's been living near Faro in Portugal with his owner Rosemary. Now it's time for them both to go back to the UK. Rafa is going on ahead, and will stay with friends in Cornwall until Rosemary arrives. In Spain we met up with Meiow Meiow and Ziollo just outside the cement works at Manilva. Owner Sue has gone on ahead to the [...]

Ginger-and-white Whiskey from Rome joins our journey to the UK

Animalcouriers drove from Athens to the port of Igoumenitsa to catch the ferry to the Italian port of Brindisi. We then headed to Rome to meet Gennaro and his cat Whiskey. Gennaro has lived all his life around Rome and Naples but now, at 90 years young, is off to live with his son and his partner, Irene, in the UK. Whiskey is going on ahead, and will be waiting to greet Gennaro when he arrives. Whiskey was all ready for the off when we called in to collect him from Gennaro A closer look [...]

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