Occasionally clients comment that cats who travel with Animalcouriers don’t seem to have very much room in their compartments. But cats are big fans of small spaces, as they help them feel more secure, especially in unfamiliar or stressful situations.

Think back to when you adopted your cat β€” to help your cat settle in you were probably advised to confine him or her to one room in your home initially, then gradually introduce everywhere else. Does your cat jump into an empty box whenever you leave one lying around? Or try to fit into seemingly impossible tiny spaces for a snooze?

Scientific research shows that enclosed spaces, like boxes, help cats feel secure and cope better when they’re stressed. Boxes also offer cats a safe place to sleep without being disturbed and may also help them to keep warm.

So when a cat is being transported, giving them a relatively small space and somewhere to hide, such as their own carry box or a tunnel bed, is actually very good for their welfare.

This articleΒ tells you more about the research.

Why do cats love boxes?