Delivering pets in Spain and Portugal, and meeting new UK-bound passengers

Animalcouriers headed south following a night in Narbonne, reuniting pets from the UK with their families, and meeting others who're heading back with us to the UK. Tirean In Murcia we met friendly Tirean, who's named after a character in a book. Tirean and family are off to spend a couple of weeks in the UK. They were due to drive, but their car suddenly developed a fault. So plans were changed at the last minute — humans are travelling by air, and Tirean is travelling with us. Tirean is quite a character dog Bozie Bojangles It was [...]

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Pets travelling to France, Spain and Portugal for Christmas reunions

Animalcouriers left the UK with a crew of delightful dogs and cats on board. Everyone will reach their French, Spanish and Portuguese destinations in time for Christmas. We were unlucky enough to get a puncture on our way to the coast, but Mercedes 24 quickly came to our rescue Coconut Shelby from America has been living in the UK, but her visa recently expired. So she headed to Paris, leaving her little dog Coconut, a terrier cross, with friends in London. Now that Shelby has found somewhere to live in Paris, Coconut was able to travel with us [...]

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To France, Italy and Greece with a new cast of characters

Animalcouriers left the UK on Sunday night with dogs and cats who are relocating with their owners to France, Italy and Greece. Sam and Evie These splendid cats are on their way from Aberdeen to the Dordogne. This is the second relocation attempt for owner Maureen and family, as first time around they lost the house they had wanted. Now, a year later, they've found another house and are finally making the move. Gorgeous jet-black Evie Super tabby Sam — is that a slight stink-eye we're getting?! Frenchie Labrador puppy Frenchie is travelling from Aberdeen in [...]

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Meet our passengers travelling to France, Spain and Portugal

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with a fine crew of passengers on board. Our first stop was a wonderful hotel in Normandy, Chateau du Landel at Bézancourt. We always try to do some research before we set off to find places to stay where we can park safely, where our passengers will be welcome, and where dogs can have good walks. Generally, we do pretty well and this time was no exception.  This lovely chateau was an out-of-season bargain — we would always encourage travellers in France to consider places to stay away from town and in the countryside. Quite [...]

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Meet our passengers from Portugal, Spain and France

Couriers S and G have been scooping up gorgeous pets who are heading towards the UK. Stumpy and Tigz joined us at La Linea. Owner Mike walked across from Gibraltar to meet us. These two firm friends will have a short stay in a cattery once we reach the UK, while Mike rides his motorbike back. Tigz caught cat napping! Labrador Liza got on board in Faro. She's travelling with us to Felixstowe where the family is relocating, Mum Vera, a firefighter, came to see her off. We called in at Barking Mad [...]

Couriers converge in Italy, and more passengers hop on board as we head towards the UK

Couriers J and G collected pets in the Rome area and the port of Ancona, while couriers M and S docked at Brindisi, following their crossing from Greece. Couriers J and G stayed at a delightful hotel less than an hour from Rome called I Due Laghi. It's a combined farm and equestrian centre that also produces delicious organic milk and cheese. A peaceful interlude for us before tackling the roads around Rome! Wonderful green and leafy gardens Some parts of the garden are laid out in a formal style Chiara We met up with very pretty cat [...]

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Meet the cats and dogs travelling from Greece

While couriers J and G headed to France and Italy, courier M made his way to Greece, where he was joined by courier S. Our big Mercedes Sprinter van is doing the Greek run as we have lots of passengers to transport to the UK. Gibbs After five years living in Crete, English Bulldog Gibbs and his owners are on their way back to the US. Gibbs will have a short stay with Animalcouriers before joining his owners at Southampton, where they'll board the Queen Mary for a trip to New York. Their ultimate destination is Baltimore. They're taking the [...]

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Meet our passengers from Greece who are on their way to the UK

Six dogs and two cats from the mainland, and five dogs from the island of Lesvos, are travelling with us to the UK. Akis, who runs a pet taxi service, did a sterling job to help round everyone up. After delivering Coco, Clifford, Squash and Georgie to their holiday destination on Paros, he headed over to Lesvos to collect our passengers from the island. He looked after them at his home overnight, then brought them to our meeting point the following morning. Julius Julius has been adopted from Lesvos by Andy. When Andy was volunteering at refugee camps earlier in [...]

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To Italy and Greece with four dogs and two cats

Animalcouriers left the UK from Portsmouth on the overnight ferry to St Malo in northern France. From there we'll head towards Italy and then on to Greece. Checking pet passports at Portsmouth A beautiful sunset as we sail away Once everyone was walked, fed, and tucked up for the night, it was time for a beer We caught a final view of the sun as it sank below the horizon Clifford, Georgie, Squash and Coco Genine's dog Clifford and cats Georgie and Squash are travelling with us to Greece. Everyone's spending the [...]

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Final collections in Portugal, Spain and France: dogs, cats, rabbits and a hamster

After a day of driving winds and torrential rain, we stayed the night just outside the beautiful city of Avila in Spain, at a golf resort offering a good deal. After all, who wants to play golf in those weather conditions — apart from hardy Brits perhaps! We woke with relief to a much milder day, so we were able to enjoy the views of the city walls and the countryside, and walk the dogs in the resort's lovely gardens. After collecting the last of our Spanish passengers, we headed to Narbonne and stayed the night with friends. Yesterday we [...]

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