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Boarding the bus in Spain: Bobby, Chaudi, Alana, Bob, Ben, Mabel and Missy; and we celebrate a birthday with Oscar

We crossed the border from Portugal to Spain where our first stop was Manilva to collect a lovely pair of dogs, Bobby and Chaudi. These two firm friends belong to Bob and Caroline, who've moved to Carmarthen in Wales, and now the dogs are off to join them. At a shelter in Granada we collected pretty Alana, a young blind cat who's lucky enough to be joining Ann and Trevor's amazing household  in Ireland. We met Dave in Nerja, whose wife Christine has already travelled back to England. Dave has been holding the fort, and looking after the family's two cats [...]

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Portuguese reunions for Faith, Borat, Ruas and Yuna; and Fluffy, Alfie and Mia Bluebell join our trip

The first stop for Animalcouriers on reaching Portugal was to collect Fluffy the cat, who's leaving Porto to join her owner Bruna in London. Fluffy has been in the tender care of her owner's mama since Bruna left. Having already said goodbye to her youngest child and only daughter, mama was naturally very sad to be saying goodbye to Fluffy, too. Then it was on to Aveiro to meet Sara at the Policlinica Veterinaria da Aveiro. Sara's been looking after Alfie, who came to the clinic as a stray puppy. Luisa in England has been following his progress and decided [...]

Rapturous reunions for Aragon, Cigrunet, Bonnie and Charlie; and tasty treats in Spain

It was rather wet and snowy when Animalcouriers met up with CĂ©line in the French town of Pontarlier, near the border with Switzerland, to deliver young Savannah cat Aragon to her. Within about an hour, CĂ©line was in touch to say Aragon was already walking on a lead and had been out and about, exploring his new surroundings! We then headed on south and spent the night just outside Narbonne. The next day, we continued into Spain, where our first stop was near Tarragona to reunite cute rabbit Cigrunet with Miriam, who was very pleased to see him. Then it [...]

Leaving the UK with Borat, Yuna, Ruas, Bonnie, Aragon, Cigrunet, Faith and Charlie

Animalcouriers set off for mainland Europe yesterday, crossing with Eurotunnel. On board are a delightful bunch of passengers heading to Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Dog and cat family mini Dachshund Borat, with Yuna and Ruas, are travelling with us from Leicester to Lisbon in Portugal, where their owners Ines and Lina are relocating for work. Beautiful silver tabby cat Bonnie is travelling with us from Dorchester to Valencia in Spain, where her family are going back to live. Stunning four-month-old Savannah cat Aragon is off to live in Switzerland with CĂ©line, who will meet us in France to take him [...]

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Jake, Bob, Minnie and Polly swap snowy Doncaster for sunny Australia

When Debra and family decided to head home to Australia, they were definitely not leaving their two dogs and two cats behind in the UK. These much loved pets are somewhat senior travellers — the cats, Polly and Minnie, are 15 and 14 years old respectively; and Bob the dog is also 14. Jake the terrier is quite the baby of the bunch at just seven years old. Animalcouriers arranged their flights and the pets spent 10 days in quarantine at Eastern Creek, Sydney. From there they flew via Adelaide to Port Lincoln in South Australia, where the family has [...]

Lovely Lolli reaches her new home in the UK with Sam

Sam adopted Lolli, a young puppy living at a shelter in the northern Spanish town of Tossa de Mar. Sam heard about Lolli from Kate, whose daughter Debbie lives in Tossa de Mar. Kate and Debbie work hard to help dogs from the shelter get adopted. They focus their efforts on one dog at a time, with Kate raising money near her home in the UK to pay for the dog's passport, vaccinations and health check. Animalcouriers were due to collect Lolli on a recent road trip that took in Spain, but it didn't work out as some of her [...]

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Peabody meets John; Daisy meets Sarah; and Snoopy, Billie and Charlie are welcomed home

Mini Bull Terrier Peabody (aka Boy) travelled with Animalcouriers from Greece to the UK to take part in Crufts. When he met John for the first time, Peabody stood his ground. But once John spoke to him in Greek, there was a complete transformation. Wagging his tail, Peabody leapt with excitement and threw himself at John! Meanwhile Daisy, who came from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, arrived at her new home with Sarah, an old friend of the shelter. This lovely dog grew in confidence during the course of the trip and has quickly settled in to her UK home. [...]

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Rigsby takes off for sun, sea and sand in Cyprus, while young JR heads to his new home in Los Angeles

Animalcouriers arranged for handsome 13-year-old hound Rigsby to fly to Northern Cyprus. He took off from Manchester in the snow, and arrived in wonderful Cypriot sunshine. His owners report that he was beside himself with joy on being reunited with them — "his whole body wagged and wagged!" said Suzanna, adding: "Thank you again for helping us bring Rigsby over to Cyprus for his retirement. You can see from the photos how much he is enjoying his new life." We also organised for gorgeous young lop-eared rabbit JR to fly from the UK to Los Angeles. Just 12 weeks old, [...]

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Limpet joins us in Nice; Snoopy, Billy and Charlie get on board in Toulouse

As Animalcouriers headed through Italy from Ancona towards Genoa, we found ourselves passing lots of heavy snow deposits. Concerned at the amount of snow around, we decided to keep going until we'd got past it all to avoid any holdups. So it was into the wee small hours when we reached the southern French city of Nice, and found our hotel next to the airport. The hotel kindly 'impounded' our van in their secure staff car park while we and our passengers got some well deserved rest. We woke to a cool but beautiful morning and, once walks and breakfasts [...]

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Meet Peabody, Fidel, Lady, Milou, Poppi, Philomena, Daisy, Robbie, Narla, Silva and Louis from Greece

Animalcouriers travelled from Italy to Greece and arrived to the unusual sight of snow in Patras. We drove on to Athens, where the first passenger to get on board was Champion Mini Bull Terrier Peabody. He's off to England in time for Crufts, and we wish him lots of luck. John and Clare breed and show these lovely dogs. Next up were Fidel and Lady, a lively pair of Spaniels who belong to Dimitri. He's gone on ahead to England, leaving his dogs in the care of his parents, who brought them to us at the Palace Hotel. Stavros brought [...]

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