We leave the UK with three cats; and start our trip back from Greece with 11 dogs, 11 cats, a Macaw and a Chinchilla on board

Couriers M and Mike recently set off on what will be our biggest-ever trip from Greece back to the UK. Luckily we have two vans, each with air conditioning, electrical airflow and comfy compartments for all the pets travelling with us. A few pets travelled out with us from the UK. Gorgeous Gaia and Lulu, a pair of cats who are almost impossible to tell apart, are moving with Eric to Italy. We dropped them at a cattery in Verona for Eric to collect on his arrival. Gaia gives us a wink Lulu has a fine 'milk [...]

Our final passengers get on board: Roussie, Puddles, Gigi and Jack, as we head towards the UK

While we continued driving north through Spain, a colleague in Narbonne collected tabby-and-white cat Roussie from Alice in the Orange area. Named after the town of Roussillon, this little cutie was found by Alice in the street, and immediately won Alice's heart. Now she's off to join Alice in the UK. We met Delyth and cat Puddles, who's been living in the garden of the family's summer home near Auch. Now Delyth has decided it's time to give Puddles, who's around seven years old, the home she deserves, so she's off to join the family in Beaconsfield. In Moissac we [...]

Reunions for Dave, Lulu, Fifi, Beau and Wispa; and Billie, Bobby, Sox, Lexi, Miuxa, Diesel, Carriça and ET get on board

On the way south through Spain, Animalcouriers stopped in Tarragona to collect Billie, Bobby and Sox. These three cats belong to Sheena and Ian, who're moving to Guia in Portugal, where golf pro Ian has a new job. These feline friends are off to stay with Diana and Bungie at Animal Inn Guia while Ian and Sheena enjoy a little holiday before Ian joins his new club. In Malaga we climbed and climbed and climbed to the very top of a hill where we reunited a very happy Ray and Linda with their three cats Dave, Lulu and Fifi. Ray and Linda [...]

Leaving the UK with eight cats, six dogs — and a pair of geese!

Two Animalcouriers vans left Portsmouth this afternoon, heading to France. We were a bit disappointed we had to take a daytime ferry, but what with the holiday season being in full swing, and the conditions at Calais being so difficult, the overnight sailings from Portsmouth are all booked up weeks ahead. So we felt fortunate to get a crossing, and relieved that we didn't have to brave Calais. On board we have a fantastic set of passengers who are on their way to rejoin their families all over France and Spain. Glamorous cat Jules was delivered to us by Fraser [...]

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Collecting Nacho, Jack Sparrow, Charlie, Carmella and Zeva in Italy

The ferry from the Greek port of Igoumenitsa to Italy arrived late, and our favourite hotel in Ancona was already fully booked. We had to work quite hard to find an alternative that offered secure parking and somewhere to walk the dogs. After a couple of false starts, we lucked out with La Cantina di Ale, which ticked all the boxes. At this hotel and pizzeria, the pizzas were wonderful —thin and light with delicious toppings, and such a huge diameter that they have to order special plates to fit! The next morning we headed to Pescara to collect Nacho, [...]

Reaching the Greek mainland and collecting Neo, Lino, Zavia, Willow, Gulliver and Judi

Our ferry took us from Lesvos island to the Athenian port of Piraeus. Once breakfast had been served to our five passengers from Lesvos, and they had been walked, we were ready to meet up with the next set of passengers for our UK-bound trip. First up was Neo, a mixed breed dog who belongs to Christos and family. They've moved to Kent, and now Neo is off to join them. He's been looked after by Giannis, a dog behaviourist, who wanted to check us out before allowing Neo to leave with us. We were flattered to get a big [...]

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Collecting Billie, Sammy, Demetri, Randall and Hector on Lesvos

To collect the first passengers for our UK-bound trip, Animalcouriers took the ferry to the island of Lesvos, where we had a very interesting visit to the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Agia Paraskevi. The museum was originally a cooperative oil mill set up in 1911, under communitarian principles, to help small olive oil producers. The olives were pressed and the oil handed back to the growers, who could then go to market and could compete with the big boys and get a fair price for their small amount of oil. The mill was eventually closed down in [...]

Leaving the UK with Hector, Harvey, Macchia, Iorek, Willow, Teddy, Tubbo, Bertie, Ted and Beau

Animalcouriers set off from the UK to Greece via France and Italy with gorgeous dogs and cats on board. We were lucky enough to have a few of them staying with us for a couple of nights beforehand, too. One of our house guests was Hector, a handsome black Cocker Spaniel from south London. He's off to join his owners who've relocated to the Paris area — they've gone on ahead to get everything ready for his arrival. Hector has unbelievable ball skills, and managed to keep a three-year-old boy amused for hours. Hector is a real joy to have [...]

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Leaving the UK with Pachi, Tosca, Annie May, Crystal, Percy, Magnus, Dash, Chinie, Mause, Rosie, Maya and Mabel

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with pets on board bound for France, Spain and Portugal. Simonetta brought us her gentle yellow Lab Pachi, who travelled to the UK with us a year ago from north west Spain. He is on his way back to stay with his grandma, Monica, where Simonetta will join him next month. Silver tabby Tosca is travelling with us from Milton Keynes to El Vendrell, Spain. This gorgeous puss is a little puzzled by the journey, so we're doing our best to be very reassuring. Cute Annie May is a Posavac Hound who's had quite few moves [...]

Leaving the UK with Pip, Tigger, Arya, Cleo, Biscuit, Timmy, Giacomo, Moomin, Lulu, Jasper, Daisy, Milly and Booby

Animalcouriers set off from the UK to Greece with a fine collection of pets on board. Our first stop will be to reunite Pip and Tigger with their owners Robert and Helen, who've moved to Antibes in France. Robert and Helen originally asked us to take their dogs as far as Calais, where they would collect them and complete the journey by train. Ultimately, however, they decided it would be less stressful for Pip and Tigger to simply travel all the way with us by road. Both dogs are gorgeous and Helen and Robert will doubtless be waiting for them [...]

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