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We leave the UK with three cats; and start our trip back from Greece with 11 dogs, 11 cats, a Macaw and a Chinchilla on board

Couriers M and Mike recently set off on what will be our biggest-ever trip from Greece back to the UK. Luckily we have two vans, each with air conditioning, electrical airflow and comfy compartments for all the pets travelling with us. A few pets travelled out with us from the UK. Gorgeous Gaia and Lulu, a pair of cats who are almost impossible to tell apart, are moving with Eric to Italy. We dropped them at a cattery in Verona for Eric to collect on his arrival. Gaia gives us a wink Lulu has a fine 'milk [...]

No TRACES requirement for pets travelling in the EU +5 days before or after their owners

A new EU pet travel scheme regulation was due to be introduced on 29 December 2014. It required dogs, cats and ferrets travelling between EU countries more than five days before or after their owners to be recorded on the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES). This regulation has been withdrawn. Dogs, cats and ferrets just need a valid pet passport, even if they're travelling more than five days before or after their owners. However, pets being rehomed from one EU country to another with a change of ownership do need to be recorded on TRACES. See our blog from last month [...]

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New-style pet passports and other EU pet travel scheme changes from 29 December

Some changes to the EU pet travel scheme come into effect on 29 December 2014. The changes aim to strengthen enforcement across the EU and improve the security and traceability of pet passports. We've outlined the main changes below and given links to more information. New-style pet passports A new-style pet passport is being introduced — but if you already have a passport for your pet, you don't have to get a new one. Existing passports will remain valid for the lifetime of your pet or until all the treatment spaces are filled. The new passport has laminated strips covering [...]

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When do pets travelling in the EU need TRACES in addition to a pet passport?

We updated this post on 9 December on learning that pets travelling more than five days before or after their owners no longer need to follow the TRACES process. All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling from one EU country to another must have a valid pet passport. In most cases, dogs must be given a worming treatment by a vet between 24 hours and five days of their arrival in the destination country. To protect animals from theft, trafficking and so on, some additional requirements must be met, if the pet is: Relocating from one EU country to another, and travelling unaccompanied by [...]

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We collect our final passenger, Kitty, in Calais

Animalcouriers travelled north through France to Calais, where we collected Kitty who has been adopted by Paul. Or perhaps we should say, Paul has been adopted by Kitty. It's something of a love affair — they met while Paul, who is an AA breakdown officer, was working in Bordeaux. Kitty did everything in her power to make sure Paul took her home with him, and it worked! We helped Paul with the pet passport process and suggested a place for her to stay while she waited for her passport to become live. Kitty in her basket, waiting to get [...]

An ecstatic Foxy reunion; Malcolm is now on board; and Jessie is happy and well

When we delivered Foxydog to Jorge in Paris yesterday she went bananas! Today we collected young cat Malcolm from Richard near Calais. Richard often looks after pets for us until their passports become live and they can cross to the UK. Malcolm was found and adopted by Lesley when she was in Avignon, and he's now on the last leg of his journey to join her in west London. While we were collecting Malcolm we called in to see Jessie who's also staying with Richard. Jessie travelled with us from Spain on the same journey as Malcolm but has a little [...]

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