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Leaving the UK with Myrtle, Oscar, Smokey, Izzie, Tinks, Aslan, Dexter, JJ, Penny, Leonard, Lola, Spike, Muppet and Boo — and learning all about prunes and Armagnac

Animalcouriers left the UK with a fine set of passengers on board, all heading to mainland European destinations. Fiona and Nicholas have moved from Winchester to the Bergerac area of France. They went on ahead and left their glamorous black Pug, Myrtle, in the tender car of Nell Parry at Willowmead Cottage Kennels, which is where we collected her for the journey. Friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oscar is travelling with us to Torrox in Spain. This Geordie fellow has set himself up as the one-man welcoming committee for all the other pets joining our trip, greeting everyone with a [...]

Jet-setting cats and dogs take to the skies

Over the summer Animalcouriers has helped pets travel all over the world. Airfreight destinations have included Australia, Canada, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, the US and Zimbabwe. Here are some of their stories. Bouncy four-month-old Giant Schnauzer Max flew with BA to Bahrain. We collected this gorgeous pup from breeder Ferncliffe Schnauzers in Lancashire, and he homeboarded with us until his flight. Delmon Pets Relocators in Bahrain helped us with the paperwork. There was a slight hitch with Max’s move — when BA cargo-handling staff were loading him onto the aircraft, they went through their meticulous [...]

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Young ospreys travel from Scotland to Spain and Switzerland

In 2013 and 2014 Animalcouriers helped to organise the transfer of osprey chicks from Scotland to Spain. This year we were very pleased to be asked to help again with this important and interesting osprey conservation project. In July, Roy Dennis of the Highland Foundation for Wildlife in Scotland, and Dr Aitor Galarza of Urdabai Bird Center near Bilbao, organised the transfer of 13 osprey chicks to the centre. The birds flew with BA from Aberdeen to Madrid via London Heathrow. Roy is also involved in a new project to reintroduce ospreys to Switzerland, about 100 years after the last breeding osprey [...]

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Fobius flies to Bahrain; Georgie and Leo hit France; Archie, Heidi, Betty and Rocky head north; and UK reunions for Carriça, Diesel and Lexi

Handsome hound Fobius from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, Greece, has found a loving new home in Bahrain. Fobius spent a few months in the UK for his travel preparations to be completed, then homeboarded with Animalcouriers the night before his flight. Courier R got up early to drive him to the airport, and he's now on his way to join his excited new owners. Courier H drove Dachshunds Georgie and Leo, who hail from the Isle of Wight, to their French summer holiday destination in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, near Nice. They went completely bananas when they caught sight of [...]

Reunions for Xania, Gigi, Toffee and Coby when we reach the UK

Kayleigh and her Dad called in at our Surrey base to collect Eurasier puppy Xania, having had a wonderful day at a major dog show in Bournemouth at the weekend. Xania is their 8th dog — it's very exciting for them that they're doing so well with their chosen breed. Kayleigh and her Dad collecting Xania Xania in Kayleigh's arms Xania's half-siblings Molly (an Italian champion)… …and Ozzie. Both dogs have already qualified for Crufts 2016. Will and Elli called for Gigi, a kitten Will met while out jogging in the [...]

Our final passengers get on board: Roussie, Puddles, Gigi and Jack, as we head towards the UK

While we continued driving north through Spain, a colleague in Narbonne collected tabby-and-white cat Roussie from Alice in the Orange area. Named after the town of Roussillon, this little cutie was found by Alice in the street, and immediately won Alice's heart. Now she's off to join Alice in the UK. We met Delyth and cat Puddles, who's been living in the garden of the family's summer home near Auch. Now Delyth has decided it's time to give Puddles, who's around seven years old, the home she deserves, so she's off to join the family in Beaconsfield. In Moissac we [...]

Swarsky, Berty, Xania, Jet, Briguita, Toffee and Coby join our UK-bound trip; but we leave donkeys and dinosaurs behind

As we start our journey north from Portugal, we collect more pets who are heading to the UK. Manu, a friend of Animalcouriers, drove Jack and his sister and their Husky Swarsky from Gibraltar to meet up with us in Seville. Swarsky will homeboard with Animalcouriers for a week, before travelling to Lancashire to catch up with Jack once he gets back to the UK. Next to get on board was Toffee, one of a litter of pups found in the Portuguese campo near the Spanish border. Antonio and his mum reared them, and now Toffee has been adopted by [...]

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Reunions for Dave, Lulu, Fifi, Beau and Wispa; and Billie, Bobby, Sox, Lexi, Miuxa, Diesel, Carriça and ET get on board

On the way south through Spain, Animalcouriers stopped in Tarragona to collect Billie, Bobby and Sox. These three cats belong to Sheena and Ian, who're moving to Guia in Portugal, where golf pro Ian has a new job. These feline friends are off to stay with Diana and Bungie at Animal Inn Guia while Ian and Sheena enjoy a little holiday before Ian joins his new club. In Malaga we climbed and climbed and climbed to the very top of a hill where we reunited a very happy Ray and Linda with their three cats Dave, Lulu and Fifi. Ray and Linda [...]

Reunions for Jules, Stephen, Kirsty, Vienna, Ianto, Boris and Killibrae Kit

Our first stop yesterday in France was to deliver handsome puss Jules to his family waiting in Nantes. Austin and Alyssia, were extremely excited to see him. Jules said that he'd enjoyed his trip but was very pleased to be back with his family. Then it was on to the Creuse region to deliver Sam's dog, cat and geese. First out were the geese, Stephen and Kirsty. We were pleased to see how chilled they were after their trip, which had lasted more than two days. The geese have a wonderful new home, and Sam told us it was the [...]

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