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France, Spain and Portugal, here we come

Animalcouriers recently set off from the UK in two vans, travelling with cats and dogs heading to France, Spain and Portugal. Ringo Adorable Labrador Ringo travelled with us from Lincolnshire to the Auvergne region of France. Ringo sporting a natty bandanna Clovis, Marcel and Missie We collected Vivian's three gorgeous cats in Suffolk and delivered them to her in Zaragoza in the Aragon region of Spain. All three cats love tickles and strokes They're nosey and lively… …except when they're asleep! Oscar Jack Russell Oscar, from Banbury, homeboarded with us for a [...]

Cats, dogs, a tortoise and an iguana travel to France and Spain

Animalcouriers left the UK with a fine selection of beloved pets, who're heading with us to various destinations in France and Spain. Riley, Boo, Bandit and Cleo  This fabulous feline foursome are relocating with Kate and Antonin from Croydon to the Dordogne. There will be plenty of hunting and fishing opportunities for them at their new hamlet home! We love the stripe down Riley's nose Beautiful Boo Handsome Bandit Charming Cleo Russo We were pleased to see Maine Coon Russo again, who belongs to Cynthia. This very handsome, relaxed fellow is on [...]

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Airborne pets to Abu Dhabi, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, UK and USA

While our vans and couriers are busy on the roads around the UK and continental Europe, courier L and colleagues organise vet visits, paperwork and flights for pets travelling further afield. Tiger French Bulldog puppy Tiger was one of our first travellers in 2016. This handsome fellow homeboarded with couriers J and R while we prepared his paperwork. He then flew to Abu Dhabi with Etihad. Tiger's owner, Ramzy, wrote to say: "Thank you so much, you have made this process as easy as it could possibly have been. I'm really grateful about the attention to detail that you and [...]

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Pets fly to far-flung destinations: Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Australia, the US, Argentina, Canada and Abu Dhabi

Pets relocating around Europe tend to travel by road (and sea) with Animalcouriers; for those travelling further afield, we can arrange air freight and help with import and export paperwork. Recent Asian destinations for some of our passengers include Singapore, Thailand  and Hong Kong. Handsome Labradoodle Thumper, his sidekick Vos, a Dachshund, and feline chums Bus and Biscuit flew to Singapore with BA. This family of four stayed at Haytor Kennels in Surrey while everything was prepared for their move. Vet on the Hill in Caterham took care of the export paperwork, and we worked with Mitchville, who organised the Singaporean import permits and delivered the pets [...]

Fobius flies to Bahrain; Georgie and Leo hit France; Archie, Heidi, Betty and Rocky head north; and UK reunions for Carriça, Diesel and Lexi

Handsome hound Fobius from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, Greece, has found a loving new home in Bahrain. Fobius spent a few months in the UK for his travel preparations to be completed, then homeboarded with Animalcouriers the night before his flight. Courier R got up early to drive him to the airport, and he's now on his way to join his excited new owners. Courier H drove Dachshunds Georgie and Leo, who hail from the Isle of Wight, to their French summer holiday destination in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, near Nice. They went completely bananas when they caught sight of [...]

UK reunions for Ziollo, Meiow Meiow, Odie and Baboushka; and Jack makes a new friend

The last stop for Animalcouriers on the trip back from Portugal was at a working wine domaine near Auxerre, in the Burgundy region of France. Couriers J and M immersed themselves in the table d'hôte experience and enjoyed tasting the fantastic wines produced at the domaine: a rosé to start, a crisp white to accompany the artisan meat pie, a pinot noir with the main, and a spicier version with pudding. The family who run the domaine invited us to park our van and walk the dogs within the vintners yard. They watched over us as we prepared the pets [...]

Destination UAE: Molly and Honey relocate; Johney is off to demonstrate his skills

Animalcouriers collected gorgeous dogs Molly and Honey in Lincolnshire and homeboarded them overnight. Both girls were very relaxed and quickly made themselves at home. The next morning it was off to the airport for their flight to Dubai to rejoin their owners. Martyn and Beth had gone on ahead to the United Arab Emirates to make sure everything would be ready for the dogs' arrival. Martyn wrote to say: "Two very excited dogs now in their new home in Dubai! Thanks for all the help!" Also heading to UAE was Border Collie Johney, off to give a demonstration of his [...]

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A great way to start the new year — news about recent passengers Etti, Rudi, Josephine, Toddy and Maisie

Animalcouriers wishes all our friends and followers a very happy and healthy 2015. To kick off the new year in the best way, we'd like to share updates about some of our recent passengers. Rescue dog Etti (short for Loretta) travelled with us just last month from the Almeria region of Spain to join David and Victoria. David wrote to say: "Thank you very much for getting our sweet pooch to us in time for Christmas. She's such a joy. We have been very lucky with her, considering we just went on a 'hunch'. As you can see, she is [...]

Milo, Randolph and Louis travel to Ireland; Fifi and Bella reach Northampton; and John Dorian is reunited with Marta

Handsome ginger tabby Milo is on the final leg of his journey from Malta, where he was rescued from dockside life by Trevor. He'll shortly be arriving at his wonderful new home with Trevor and Ann in Donegal. Staffie Randolph is also on board — he's swapping Islington for Cork. This friendly, affectionate chap homeboarded with us before the journey started. He's not keen on being confined in any way — he would suddenly appear in an open doorway, looking for someone to play with! Standard Poodle Louis makes up the passenger list to Ireland. This very good-looking fellow flew [...]

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Meet three delightful puppies: Kuran, Inez and Obi

Animalcouriers collected gorgeous German Shepherd Dog puppies Kuran and Inez from Riethoven in the Netherlands, for the first leg of the their journey to Barbados. They were bred by a former chief of police whose puppies mostly go on to interesting and vital working lives with the police, army and search and rescue teams. For now, however, these two are simply enjoying being teenagers! After checking their passports and microchips, we drove to Calais for a Eurotunnel crossing to the UK, and last night they homeboarded with us in Surrey. Today they'll have their final health check at the vet [...]

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