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Helping to re-establish ospreys in Spain

We were delighted to be asked again to help transport osprey chicks in a project to re-establish ospreys in Spain. The project, put together by the RSPB in conjunction with their counterparts in Spain, involves transporting young birds from the Scottish Highlands to Denia. Osprey experts sourced birds from this year's chicks based on criteria such as the strength of the individual birds, and their capability to pair and settle down to help establish the population in Spain. The journey started at midnight on day one, as Courier Huw and Pedro, an osprey expert from Spain, loaded up the [...]

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Red kite chicks fly from England to Spain

Animalcouriers is very proud to be involved in a conservation project to fly red kite chicks from England to Spain. A project that started 30 years ago It's a wonderful and extraordinary story that started more than 30 years ago. At that time, young red kites were brought from thriving populations in Spain to England, to boost the British numbers which had declined to just 42 breeding pairs. That project was so successful — the most successful raptor restoration project in Europe — that there are now more than 6,000 breeding pairs in Britain. So now that Spanish numbers have [...]

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Young ospreys travel from Scotland to Spain and Switzerland

In 2013 and 2014 Animalcouriers helped to organise the transfer of osprey chicks from Scotland to Spain. This year we were very pleased to be asked to help again with this important and interesting osprey conservation project. In July, Roy Dennis of the Highland Foundation for Wildlife in Scotland, and Dr Aitor Galarza of Urdabai Bird Center near Bilbao, organised the transfer of 13 osprey chicks to the centre. The birds flew with BA from Aberdeen to Madrid via London Heathrow. Roy is also involved in a new project to reintroduce ospreys to Switzerland, about 100 years after the last breeding osprey [...]

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