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Hia flies in from Korea; and Dexter and Lucy head to France for the summer

Beautiful little Hia (short for Hyena) had a long journey from Korea to the UK. She left Korea at 08.00am and arrived in Paris 11 hours later. On the flight she sat next to her human mum, and was as good as gold. Animalcouriers collected Hia in Paris and drove her to Calais, where we boarded the Eurotunnel, courier S ensuring plenty of pampering along the way for this little girl. On arrival in the UK it was a short hop to Hia's new home in Surrey to be reunited with her family. It's all very exciting as a new [...]

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UK reunions for Napoleao, Cuca, Kathy, Neska, Charlie, Galatzo and Melody; and news of Danae

Couriers J and M had quite a time of it when they reached the northern French port of Calais. Fencing was being erected and there was a strong police presence to hold back a flow of migrants, reminding us about all the unhappy places in the world people are fleeing from. Then, on checking in, we discovered there was a strike at the port, so it was a three-hour wait before we could set sail. Eventually we made it back to our Surrey base, where a delighted Teresa was waiting to collect her cats Napoleao and Cuca who had travelled [...]

Heading to Germany and Scandinavia with Margot, Onyxia, Loki, Sooty, Kiwi, Sanji and Garfield; and back to the UK with Ralph and Guinness

While couriers J and M were wending their way through France towards the UK, courier Mike set off from Blighty with pets heading to more northerly parts of Europe. Kayla has moved from Brighton to Berlin and was delighted to find there was a way for her pet rabbit Margot to travel out to join her. Tanja and her family have relocated from Cork in Ireland to Tommerup in Denmark. Their four cats, Onyxia, Loki, Sooty and Kiwi travelled with Animalcouriers to their new Danish home. Young Bengal kitten Sanji left his breeder Dane in the UK to live with [...]

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Heading north through France towards the UK

From Narbonne Animalcouriers headed north towards Calais, stopping last night at Chaumont, where there were excellent dog walks to be had alongside a pretty canal. On our way this morning, we were driving though a small hamlet, only to find the road blocked by an aged yet distinguished Golden Retriever. He waited until we had shown due respect by completely stopping our van. At which point he rose slowly from the middle of the road and sauntered in his own sweet time to the pavement to let us pass. A class act! We're now at Calais, ready to board the [...]

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Five dogs, five cats and a parrot join Tiddles for our trip to the UK

Animalcouriers met up with Cody and his family on the front between Gibraltar and La Linea. He's off to Northern Ireland to stay with mum Nikki's sister while the family packs up ready to follow him. They all said they would miss Gibraltar but they're looking forward to new schools and a new way of life. As Nikki put it: 'It's goodbye shorts and flip flops, hello Ugg boots and woolly hats!' Then it was off to collect Ben from Margaret at Benalmadena Costa. Margaret moved here over 20 years ago, and character cat Ben came on the scene a [...]

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Reunions for Rosie, Annie May, Percy, Magnus, Dash, Chinie, Mause and Crystal; and Tiddles joins our trip in Portugal

From Spain Animalcouriers headed into Portugal where we reunited long-haired black cat Rosie with Anne on the Algarve. Anne was ecstatic, having spent the whole morning waiting excitedly to see Rosie again. Anne and her husband Ray split their time between the UK and Portugal. When their much-loved cat and dog passed away, they found it difficult to live without any pets. So they adopted 11-year-old Rosie from a rescue. Having been rather overlooked by other potential adopters, this little girl landed on her paws with Anne and Ray. Anne dropped us a line to say: "A million thanks. Rosie [...]

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Reuniting Tosca, and drawing a pet-friendly crowd in Spain

Animalcouriers crossed into Spain where our first stop was El Vendrell in Catalonia to reunite gorgeous cat Tosca with his owner Xavier. Tosca declined to show his face for a goodbye photo ‚ÄĒ but Xavier wasn't at all surprised, explaining that Tosca is 'very shy.' We then headed straight to a garage as our van's air conditioning had become a little temperamental towards the end of the previous day. As is always the case, our passengers aroused great interest, and in no time the mechanics were pulling out their smartphones to show us photos of their own pets. The boss [...]

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Leaving the UK with Pachi, Tosca, Annie May, Crystal, Percy, Magnus, Dash, Chinie, Mause, Rosie, Maya and Mabel

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with pets on board bound for France, Spain and Portugal. Simonetta brought us her gentle yellow Lab Pachi, who travelled to the UK with us a year ago from north west Spain. He is on his way back to stay with his grandma, Monica, where Simonetta will join him next month. Silver tabby Tosca is travelling with us from Milton Keynes to El Vendrell, Spain. This gorgeous puss is a little puzzled by the journey, so we're doing our best to be very reassuring. Cute Annie May is a Posavac Hound who's had quite few moves [...]

News of clever Bandit, who was adopted by Christine

Last year we met a very clever black-and-white cat in Malaga. A dead ringer for Christine's cat Whiskey, Bandit managed to get himself scooped up with Christine's other cats and given a microchip and passport in Whiskey's name, ready to travel to the UK. Fortunately the mistake was quickly discovered and the real Whiskey could be collected in time. Christine, waiting for her cats to join her in the UK, was so impressed by stray cat Bandit's subterfuge that she immediately adopted him. We transported him a few weeks later once his passport was valid for the UK. Christine got in touch with us [...]

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Crouton the rabbit relocates from South Africa to the UK

When Nicola and her family decided to move from South Africa to Dorset in England, they didn't realise how difficult (and expensive) it would be to bring their pet rabbit Crouton to the UK along with their dog and cat. It was going to cost over £2,500 and involve complicated paperwork. So they wrote and asked us about alternative ways to send Crouton to the UK via mainland Europe. A route was organised via Amsterdam with the help of Duncan Harmse at Petwings SA and Linda at VCK Logistics in Amsterdam. But the challenges weren't yet over. When Crouton was handed to the KLM [...]

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