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Renaming our van ‘the Argo’ as we leave Athens with Jason, Hector, Ririkos, Bilia, Boxoh, Dusty, Zarly and Pouca on board

Kiki, Martha, Marguerita and other dear friends, we miss you! The Greek government has placed a halt on the movement of rescued pets out of Greece. So six dogs and cats who were due to travel with us to wonderful new homes in the UK now have to wait — or may never even be allowed to travel. TRACES certificates are a legal and reliable way of recording the movement of rescued and rehomed dogs and cats from one EU member state to another. But sadly for many dogs and cats, Greece has withdrawn TRACES certificates. We (and many others) are [...]

Limpet joins us in Nice; Snoopy, Billy and Charlie get on board in Toulouse

As Animalcouriers headed through Italy from Ancona towards Genoa, we found ourselves passing lots of heavy snow deposits. Concerned at the amount of snow around, we decided to keep going until we'd got past it all to avoid any holdups. So it was into the wee small hours when we reached the southern French city of Nice, and found our hotel next to the airport. The hotel kindly 'impounded' our van in their secure staff car park while we and our passengers got some well deserved rest. We woke to a cool but beautiful morning and, once walks and breakfasts [...]

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Meet Peabody, Fidel, Lady, Milou, Poppi, Philomena, Daisy, Robbie, Narla, Silva and Louis from Greece

Animalcouriers travelled from Italy to Greece and arrived to the unusual sight of snow in Patras. We drove on to Athens, where the first passenger to get on board was Champion Mini Bull Terrier Peabody. He's off to England in time for Crufts, and we wish him lots of luck. John and Clare breed and show these lovely dogs. Next up were Fidel and Lady, a lively pair of Spaniels who belong to Dimitri. He's gone on ahead to England, leaving his dogs in the care of his parents, who brought them to us at the Palace Hotel. Stavros brought [...]

Leaving Malta with a family of seven cats and three mice

After a night of worrying whether or not our boat would be able to sail from Malta to Sicily, we were relieved to reach the port and find that the container ship we were booked on was indeed scheduled to leave. On board with us were seven cats and three mice belonging to Julie, who works for Defra, and Colin, who designs video games. The couple arrived in Malta last year from Grimsby with three cats and three mice. Black-and-white mouse Jasmine and silver mouse Pearl were destined to be snake food before Julie rescued them. Brown mouse Bud was [...]

Vladi travels from London to Paris, and we reach Malta via France, Switzerland and Italy

Animalcouriers left the UK a few days ago, having collected Camille's handsome Persian cat Vladi from his mum Sylvie. Vladi travelled with us to Paris, as Camille has returned there after working in London. We then headed through France and Switzerland to Italy, and took a ferry from the toe of Italy to the Sicilian port of Messina. We were going to take the catamaran from Sicily to Malta, but it wasn't available, so we made alternative plans to use the EuroMed Freight route. We were told that our van could go but only one passenger, so courier J volunteered [...]

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