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Cats and dogs on their way to Italy and Greece

Meet the cats and dogs from the UK on their way to Italy and Greece to rejoin their families. Lily Gorgeous Siamese cat Lily belongs to Margaret. They're relocating from Nottinghamshire to the Italian city of Genoa. Lily arriving, being welcomed by Margaret's daughter Yorkie and Noodle Beautiful tuxedo pair Yorkie and Noodle travelled with us from the West Midland to the NATO base at Lago Patria in the Naples area, where owner Ayla has a new military posting. Both cats have very healthy appetites, so we left a food parcel for them with Ayla to tide them [...]

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Meeting a cat from Italy, and dogs and a rabbit from Greece

Having delivered all their passengers from the UK, couriers M and J collected Pipi the cat from Italy. They then headed to the Italian port of Bari, where courier J hopped on the ferry to Patras in Greece. Pipi We transported Pipi to Fondi last year for her owner Jane. Now it's time for Jane and her partner to return to the UK, and Pipi is once again travelling with Animalcouriers. We had fun and games rounding up Pipi. We told Jane that Pipi was OK, but a bit annoyed with us, to which Jane said: Haha 😂 she is feisty but [...]

Meet our UK-bound passengers from Greece and Italy

In addition to Wilson and Derek from the island of Lesvos, a marvellous cast of characters from mainland Greece and Italy are travelling with us to the UK. Buck Handsome hound Buck is on his way from Athens to Twickenham, where he'll rejoin his owners Chris and Nancy. Lively Buck challenging his uncle George's dog-wrangling skills Vasilis and Charlaos Cute Vasilis and his feline friend Charlaos belong to Nefeli and Christos, who've moved to Edinburgh for work. Nefeli's cousin brought Vasilis and Charlaos to join the trip Fine tabby Charlaos quickly settled in for the [...]

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All the way to Greece with Cookie

Little dog Cookie travelled in style to Greece as our only passenger!  We crossed the Channel to Calais and decided to stop overnight a little way away, as the Jungle clearance was in full swing. Just 40 minutes away, at Lumbres, we found a golf club/hotel with rooms to spare as it isn’t high season. Lovely and quiet, it offered super dog-walking, but Cookie was a bit unsure about putting her paws down on the wet grass! Cookie prefers a nice dry duvet to wet grass Admiring the hydrangeas We motored on towards Italy and managed [...]

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From Birmingham to Stronsay with a family of 15 pets

Louise and her mum Laura have moved from Birmingham to Stronsay, one of the Orkney islands off the north coast of Scotland. Home to around 350 people, this beautiful island boasts two shops and a pub/hotel. Louise and Laura have moved to a typical Orkney stone cottage, and Animalcouriers had the pleasure of transporting their 15-strong family of dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs to join them. Almost the minute they arrived on Stronsay, Louise and Laura added two Shetland ponies to their menagerie, adopted from a neighbour who was leaving the island! The three dogs travelling with us are [...]

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Reunion in Switzerland for Mefisto, and we discover a great hotel near Zurich

Mefisto Courier M had the pleasure of reuniting Mefisto with owner Sabina in Zurich. A very happy Sabina with Mefisto Overnighting outside Zurich He then drove to his hotel just outside Zurich, which had booked in advance by the Animalcouriers office. It was dark when he arrived and, after a very good meal, he headed off to bed. The next morning, as he wandered somewhat sleepily into the breakfast room, he was warmly greeted and asked if he'd slept well. Very well, was his reply. "Oh good, so the wolves and the bears didn't wake you up then?" [...]

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Reunions in France, Italy and Malta; and on to Greece

We delivered Karen and Phil's five dogs — Max, Jake, Loopy, Maisie and Poppy — to Les Hirondelles kennels and cattery at Lauzun. The dogs will have a short stay here until their owners catch up with them. The hounds enjoyed a fine gallop around an enclosed paddock, and the kennel owners kindly allowed our other canine passengers to do the same. Max, Jake and Maisie having a good old sniff around the place Missy raring to go From there we headed to Provence to drop off handsome tabby cat Bilbo with his family. We then crossed into [...]

Safely back from Lesvos, and meeting more UK-bound passengers in Athens

Courier J and her seven charges from Lesvos arrived safely in Piraeus Port where they were met by Akis, who runs a pet taxi service. Akis has become a firm friend of ours, and happily obliges all our requests, however outlandish they may seem! True to form, he was a complete hero and disembarked all the dogs into his taxi. He had already met up with Aphrodite and her Rottweiler, Maya, who'd arrived at the port on the morning ferry from Crete. Because of a general strike in Greece, there were no ferries for 24 hours. So the eight dogs [...]

Setting off for Greece, and delivering Rosalina and Nox in Italy on the way

Animalcouriers has set off on what may be the most complex trip we've ever undertaken from a logistical point of view. This is just the start… Couriers M and Mike left the UK on Sunday with Rosalina and Nox on board, bound for Italy. These two very beautiful and regal cats belong to Francesca. After working in London for a few years, she's returned to her native Italy, and we had the pleasure of transporting her beloved pets. Gorgeous Rosalina Moustachioed Nox Francesca delighted to be reunited with her cats The lovely landscape [...]

Collecting a family of dogs, cats and rabbits in Normandy; and heading to Jersey in convoy

While couriers J and M set off with Mal's big family of cats and birds, courier Mike was in the Normandy area collecting a slightly smaller family of pets. Gill and her family have lived on a farm near Calvados for many years, and are now heading back to the UK. They're moving to Dorchester, so not a million miles from their old French haunts! The family's three dogs, four cats and two rabbits are travelling with us. Rosie Pomme is a lovely big German Shepherd Dog, and Dolly is a Burmese Mountain Dog. Completing the canine contingent is little [...]

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