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Fred and Betty swap Zurich for Chiswick

While courier J flew to Athens to meet Milou and Buddy, courier M drove to Switzerland to collect Yana and Stefano's beloved (big) dogs Fred and Betty. Fred is a Dogue de Bordeaux and Betty Boop is a Great Dane. Both are very friendly and love people, as courier M discovered when he received a rapturous greeting! The dogs originally moved with their owners from Italy to Switzerland, and now work is taking them to the UK. Betty has a fine head Fred has wonderful wrinkles Betty enjoys a walk… …as does Fred [...]

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Buddy and Milou head to the UK from Greece

Courier J is in Greece to accompany two rescue dogs, Buddy and Milou, who're travelling to their families in the UK. They're taking the plane from Athens to Paris Charles de Gaulle, and will travel the last leg of the journey by road. Buddy hails from Lesvos, where he was adopted by Amy who'd gone to help with the refugee crisis. Amy tells us: "I flew to Lesvos from the UK to volunteer with the Syrian refugee crisis there. The Greek islands like Lesvos in particular hold many tragic stories; the families travel there by boat across the Aegean Sea, [...]

Happy reunions in the UK, and Lucy finds her forever home

As soon as Animalcouriers reached Dover, the pets who had travelled from Greece started heading off to rejoin their families in various parts of the UK. Courier Dave took Sugar, Jack and Berti in to London; while Courier Rickie set off northwards, taking Dexter to Chester, Lilly to Newcastle, Niko to Livingstone, and Souki and Diego to Edinburgh. Dexter's owner Ian wrote to say: "Dexter and Pat and I are now tired! What an eventful first 12 hours. Our two girls (Nell and Honor) have their noses slightly out of joint but they’ll get there! Dexter just came in, made [...]

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Heading through autumnal Swiss landscapes as we make for the UK

Animalcouriers continued north towards the UK, stopping off at Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, which is a super place to walk dogs. As well as lots of new smells to enjoy, there were plenty of waterbird cries to attract their attention. We then continued on through France, and spent four hours getting through all the layers of security at the port before we could board our ferry to Dover. Once we reach the UK, our passengers will head off in different directions with various couriers, to be reunited with their families. It's been quite a challenging trip in some ways, especially [...]

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Leaving late from Greece, and receiving a warm welcome at our hotel in Italy

After collecting our final Greek passenger, Niko, Animalcouriers headed to Igoumenitsa port to make the crossing to Italy. It's always a nail-biting time, checking in with the port authorities, but it all went off politely and we were nodded through to the port. Our ferry was due to leave at 23.30. It eventually turned up at 05.00, and we were finally moving by 05.45. It's a long crossing to Italy, so the engineers put up with courier J's demands to see the dogs and cats, so she could check they were cool and keep them fed and watered. There's a [...]

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Ziggy, Honey, Raj and Islay join our trip to the UK

When couriers M and Mike turned up for their ferry crossing from Italy to Greece, strike action meant a 24-hour delay. To avoid passing that delay on to all our passengers, courier Mike turned back to start collecting UK-bound pets in Italy and France. Gorgeous Ziggy and her owners have been apart for 10 months. Now it's time for them to be reunited, as Ziggy follows her owners from Rome to South Wales. Sweet Honey is relocating from Monte San Savino to Nottinghamshire. Honey was an abandoned puppy in a car park — until Julia turned up. [...]

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Safely back from Lesvos, and meeting more UK-bound passengers in Athens

Courier J and her seven charges from Lesvos arrived safely in Piraeus Port where they were met by Akis, who runs a pet taxi service. Akis has become a firm friend of ours, and happily obliges all our requests, however outlandish they may seem! True to form, he was a complete hero and disembarked all the dogs into his taxi. He had already met up with Aphrodite and her Rottweiler, Maya, who'd arrived at the port on the morning ferry from Crete. Because of a general strike in Greece, there were no ferries for 24 hours. So the eight dogs [...]

Setting off for Greece, and delivering Rosalina and Nox in Italy on the way

Animalcouriers has set off on what may be the most complex trip we've ever undertaken from a logistical point of view. This is just the start… Couriers M and Mike left the UK on Sunday with Rosalina and Nox on board, bound for Italy. These two very beautiful and regal cats belong to Francesca. After working in London for a few years, she's returned to her native Italy, and we had the pleasure of transporting her beloved pets. Gorgeous Rosalina Moustachioed Nox Francesca delighted to be reunited with her cats The lovely landscape [...]

Bespoke trips for Max and Luka; Molly; Barney, Rowan and Tish; and news of another Luka and Poppy

When Alison and Victor relocated to the Dutch city of The Hague from the very top of Scotland, near Thurso, they asked Animalcouriers to help move Max and Luka, their two German Short-haired Pointers. We took the dogs to kennels initially, where they stayed for a few days until the family arrived in The Hague, at which point we delivered Max and Luka to a huge welcome. In the midst of all the packing and general hubbub of the move, the two dogs simply spooned and slept Max and Luka at their new home in the Netherlands [...]

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Can you offer lovely Lucy a new UK home?

Lucy, a lovely dog rescued by Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions, was booked to travel with us to her new home in the UK later this month. Unfortunately, her new home has fallen through. Lucy won't be able to join our trip unless she has an alternative new home to go to. Rebecca from the charity tells us how she found Lucy, and what she's like. "I saw her on the streets for some weeks. When I first called her she came running. She jumped into my car as soon as I opened the door, and laid down on [...]

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