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Elspeth and Odie get on board in Spain; Jack and Ernie join us in France

Animalcouriers stopped in Valencia and had lovely evening beach walks with the dogs. The next day, we continued north towards France, stopping in Barcelona to collect Donnata's rabbit Elspeth. Donnata is moving to Scotland to work, and was very concerned to make sure Elspeth could go too. So Elspeth is travelling with us, and will homeboard with us in Surrey for a little while, so that Donnata can get to Scotland without worrying about her. We'll meet up with Donnata in a few weeks' time for a handover. In the Girona area we called in to collect Odie at a [...]

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Heading north through Spain, collecting Freddi, Baldrick, Holly and Moma along the way

Animalcouriers stopped off last night at one of our favourite hotels ‚ÄĒ¬†Hotel Almazara Riofrio¬†‚ÄĒ in the middle of the campo in Spain's Granada region. After walks with Rafa and Ziollo this morning, we called on Linda, who fosters dogs in and around Lorca in the Murcia region, to collect Abbi's little dog Freddi. He had a frightful start in life, and was brought to¬†Helping Hands¬†after being savaged by two other dogs. He had to have an operation to insert cement¬†and metal inserts around his spine, to hold his tiny body up. We then headed off to see Gary at¬†Digs4Dogs¬†on the [...]

Collecting UK-bound pets in Portugal and Spain: Rafa, Meiow Meiow, Ziollo and Q

Having reunited all the pets who travelled with us from the UK with their owners, Animalcouriers turned around and set off on the UK-bound leg of the trip. The first passenger to get on board was Rafa, who's been living near Faro in Portugal with his owner Rosemary. Now it's time for them both to go back to the UK. Rafa is going on ahead, and will stay with friends in Cornwall until Rosemary arrives. In Spain we met up with Meiow Meiow and Ziollo just outside the cement works at Manilva. Owner Sue has gone on ahead to the [...]

Happy reunions in Spain for Baby, Byron, Pluto, Mr Bojangles, PJ, Belle, Arfa and Poppy

After spending the night near Narbonne, Animalcouriers crossed the border into Spain where our first stop was to deliver gorgeous ginger tabby cat Baby in Barcelona. Then it was on to Madrid to reunite chatty grey cat Byron and Basset Hound Pluto with their respective owners. In Arroyo de la Miel, we reunited Clare with her beloved black-and-white cat Mr Bojangles. On the Mijas Costa, there was much excitement and dashing about when we delivered Westies PJ and Belle to their family. Grandma Ann, who'd seen them off in Aberdeenshire, was on hand to complete the circle. There was the [...]

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A French reunion for Scrumpy, Sirius and Throttle

This feline trio reached their new South of France home yesterday, where they were warmly greeted by their owners, John and Janet. A special room has been set up for the cats to start their acclimatisation to their new environment. Next, they'll have the run of the house, and finally, once they're fully settled in, the great outdoors will be theirs to explore. And what a lovely outdoors it is. The family has moved to a beautiful valley near Marseille where John and Janet plan to turn a lifelong hobby into a business ‚ÄĒ running gites alongside an astronomy centre. [...]

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Heading to France and Spain with Pluto, Scrumpy, Sirius, Throttle, Mr Bojangles, Byron, Baby, Poppy, Billie, Belle, PJ and Arfa

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with pets on board who are heading to France and Spain. In addition to Belle and PJ, collected in Scotland a couple of days ago, we were joined by a fabulous cast of characters. Basset Hound Pluto from London is on his way to Madrid to rejoin his family who've moved back to Spain. He's a very determined chap, and very strong. You don't so much take him for a walk as simply try to steer him in the general direction you want him to go! Marvellously monikered feline trio Scrumpy, Sirius and Throttle [...]

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Rescue dogs and cats: why they can’t currently leave Greece

The EU uses an electronic system called TRACES to legally and reliably track the movement of pets being rehomed from one EU country to another. At the moment, however, the Greek government won't issue TRACES certificates. This means that Animalcouriers can't currently transport cats and dogs from rescue centres in Greece on behalf of adopters in the UK or any other EU country. (We can, however, transport pets who are relocating with their existing owners from Greece and have valid pet passports.) For the time being, if you want to adopt a rescue animal from Greece, you have to go [...]

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Collections in Scotland: PJ and Belle heading to Spain; and Teko and Lola relocating to Surrey and South Wales

Animalcouriers delivered the six cats from Cyprus ‚ÄĒ Aslan, Boo, Pepper, Scat, Mia and Kara ‚ÄĒ to their temporary cattery in the Durham area, then continued north into Scotland. We reunited personal protection dog Omar with his family in South Lanarkshire, and delivered young Dolly to her ecstatic new owners at their picturesque home in Fife. The first passengers to join us on the journey back down south were PJ and Belle. These two lovely characters will be travelling all the way to Spain with us to join their owners, Lesley and David, on the Mijas Costa. PJ and Belle [...]

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Six cats relocate from North Cyprus, and two German Shepherds head to Scotland

Aslan, Boo, Pepper, Scat, Mia and Kara flew in from North Cyprus to London Heathrow. This family of six cats are now on their way to Durham, in the north of England, with Animalcouriers. They'll stay at a cattery for a few days until their owners arrive to collect them. Also on board is Omar, a handsome German Shepherd Dog from South Lanarkshire. Trained as a personal protection dog for his owner and her family. Following a refresher course with K9 Protector near Bath, this beautifully behaved boy is now on his way home to Scotland. German Shepherd puppy Dolly is [...]

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Taking off from the UK for Australia: Doodledogs Bella and Louie, and Timmy the cat

Animalcouriers recently arranged for lovely Labradoodle Louie and beautiful Goldendoodle Bella to fly to Perth, Australia from East Sussex. Their owners had to return to Australia before the dogs were eligible to enter the country. Dogs must have a series of blood tests before travelling to Australia, including one for rabies at least 180 days before the date of travel. So Bella and Louie stayed for six months at the wonderfully named Slugwash Kennels & Cattery near Haywards Heath, while Coastway Vets took care of the blood tests and treatments, and Animalcouriers arranged the paperwork and flights. Bella and Louie flew with [...]

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