Of course, this is not the first time Animalcouriers has been involved in helping a British couple bring a rescue dog to the UK from overseas. If you follow our blog, you’ll remember Togo, who was brought back from Morocco to Scotland last year by Jo and Peter with our help.

So how did we get involved with Canico?

Ray and Jane found us by doing a Google search. They were originally looking for a way to get Canico into quarantine in England. We ‘talked’ by email and suggested that, as Canico had had such a terrible start in life, it might be better for him to go into more of a family environment to wait out the six-month pet passport period.

With Mary and Olof at Cartama Kennels in Malaga, Spain, he’ll have the chance to socialise with other dogs and live in a family setup until November, when we can collect him and bring him home to Ray and Jane. Mary and Olof have looked after a number of other dogs who’ve had to wait for their pet passports — remember Toffee, Belle and Flee?

Ray, Jane and SPAD (animal welfare group in Funchal) arranged Canico’s flight from Madeira to Portugal. Ray and Jane had a travel box delivered to Animalcouriers’ UK office, and we had it flown out last week from Gatwick to Funchal with Thomson Airways.

We put Ray and Jane in touch with Ricardo at Quinta Monte Dos Vendavais Pet Hotel, to meet Canico at Lisbon airport and put him up for a day or two until we could pick him up. (Quinta Monte Dos Vendavais is a marvellous place for dogs and cats to stay, complete with indoor heated swimming pool and special activity areas for doggy play times.)

In fact, by a happy coincidence, we were able to be at Lisbon airport ourselves, so Canico had quite a reception committee! He’s now settled into our van for the journey to Mary and Olof’s, where he’s sure to get a very warm welcome.

Canico on his way to Malaga