Covid-19 coronavirus: update for pet owners

Since Covid-19 coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), we wanted to provide an update for pet owners about pet travel at this time. Animalcouriers has taken UK government advice and, for the time being, there's no change to essential pet travel — for example, if you're moving house and we're transporting your pets for you. Naturally, we're concerned for the health and safety of our couriers. So in areas where a lockdown is in force, or there's a significant pocket of Covid-19 infection, we may ask clients to meet us on the open road, [...]

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No TRACES requirement for pets travelling in the EU +5 days before or after their owners

A new EU pet travel scheme regulation was due to be introduced on 29 December 2014. It required dogs, cats and ferrets travelling between EU countries more than five days before or after their owners to be recorded on the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES). This regulation has been withdrawn. Dogs, cats and ferrets just need a valid pet passport, even if they're travelling more than five days before or after their owners. However, pets being rehomed from one EU country to another with a change of ownership do need to be recorded on TRACES. See our blog from last month [...]

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Paperwork complexity as we depart Athens

Animalcouriers are leaving Athens with three dogs who are bound for the UK. All three dogs are owned by Athenian residents who have relocated to the UK for work, and are travelling on TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) health certificates. Theoretically, the dogs don't need these health certificates but there seems to be some confusion in Greece on this matter. To give some background: there has been correspondence between Animalcouriers and Eurogroup for Animals (the leading voice for animal welfare at European Union level), and between that group and the European Commission on our behalf. Between us we have tried to clear a path with [...]

A late Christmas reunion down under for Bella, Beau and Tinkerbelle

Alex and Tom were finally reunited with their dog and cats just a few days into the new year. It was a tearful goodbye in October when Alex and Tom headed off, leaving their beloved pets to stay at Burntwood Kennels until they became eligible to enter Australia. Animalcouriers arranged for this intrepid trio to fly out to Sydney, where they spent their quarantine period at Eastern Creek Animal Quarantine Facility. Animalcouriers then organised for Jet Pets Australia to collect them and fly them to Melbourne for their joyous reunion with Alex and Tom. Alex tells us: "They're here! They're all well! They [...]

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Helping Arfar to cool down

After half an hour on the road we could hear Arfar breathing very loudly. Concerned that it sounded rather strained, we stopped to check on him. Poor Arfar was stretched out in his bedroom, seemingly unable to move. Luckily there was a water trough nearby, so we carried him over to it and turned on the cold tap to cool him down under the running water. Within a very short time he was back to normal, standing up and looking at us as if to say, "That's better! Time to get back on the road now." He then walked in [...]

Last night in Guadalajara (the one in Spain)

Animalcouriers spent last night in Guadalajara, our last stop in Spain before crossing the border into France today. We had a call from Eliza asking if we could collect her cat Margot from Madrid. As you can see, she's a very pretty tabby. Handsome Siamese cat Evon is also on board. He's been chatting away to us this morning, telling us how much he's looking forward to catching up with Sara. Nikita with the sun behind her, but not as beautiful as she is! Nikita is very sociable and loves playing games when [...]

Jenny’s family of 39 are heading to the UK

Jenny has been living in France with seven cats and 32 small dogs. For family reasons, she's relocating to Lancashire in the UK, and was faced with the problem of how to move all her cats and dogs. Jenny contacted Animalcouriers and together we worked out a plan to get them all to the UK. There are plenty of characters among the group who're keeping couriers S and L very amused. One of the seven cats How to make one's presence felt! Quite a cutie These two look like they could make some [...]

Ginger cat Garlic has a new home in Romania

Animalcouriers recently arranged for ginger cat Garlic to fly to Bucharest in Romania, where his owner J has relocated. We think Garlic is a very interesting name for a cat, but then J is a chef! J dropped us a line to let us know how Garlic is settling in: Thank you for everything you did in the smooth process of flying Garlic from London to Bucharest. You made what I found to be very stressful the complete opposite. Garlic has settled in well and he is basking in the sunshine. Once again, thank you so much to the whole team. So handsome! [...]

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Purdey and Cookie are back with Lynn and Bob

Purdey and Cookie are two of the dogs from North Cyprus who accompanied us on our first abortive attempt to enter Turkey. Because of timing issues, they couldn't join our second successful attempt. Instead they flew back to the UK and have been home boarding with Animalcouriers' Lynn while their new home was being prepared. When Lynn and Bob arrived to collect their dogs, they were full of stories about all the hassles that so often go with moving house: no water, no phone signal and so on. Even so, they're glad to be back in the UK and of [...]

And it all seemed to be going so well…

After we left the veterinary department at Mersin port, Diana, Rory, Paige, Jayne and Janet went to check in for their return ferry to North Cyprus. As they reached the window, the very grumpy clerk said: "Closed. Closed at 5.00pm." Meanwhile, courier M was at customs getting Animalcouriers permission to leave the port in their van. But the entry of our van's numberplate onto the computer had a letter O in place of a zero. So they couldn't process the paperwork. We then discovered that Diana and her car were being refused permission to leave the port because, according the [...]

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