Animalcouriers are helping Peter and Jo bring Togo the dog from Morocco to their home in Edinburgh.

Togo is a one- to-two-year old cross-breed stray who was living rough with other dogs around the Atlas Film Studios in Ouarzazate, Morocco, where Jo was on assignment. During a visit from Peter, they fed Togo scraps from the catering unit, and both fell in love with him. Jo organised veterinary treatment for Togo, who then moved in with her at her hotel.

Jo tried to bring Togo with her when she returned to the UK, but at Marrakech airport Togo was turned away by the airline, even though Jo thought she’d done everything right. “It was the worst experience ever, Jo is completely traumatised and desperately upset,” Peter told Animalcouriers, when he spoke to us after finding us via a web search.

Luckily, Jo phoned a friend in Marrakech who did a dash to the airport to take Togo from her, and is giving him a temporary home. Jo left Morocco confused and unhappy as she did not know why it had all gone so wrong.

Unfortunately, she had been advised that she could bring Togo on the flight as accompanied baggage, but that is incorrect as it breached the UK’s quarantine rules.

Now armed with advice, information and support from Animalcouriers, Peter and Jo have flown back to Marrakech for a second attempt to bring Togo home, which we trust will be a very different experience from the last time. Their aim is to arrive at London Heathrow in a few days’ time — with Togo.

Animalcouriers will collect him from there in our quarantine van for the start of his journey to quarantine kennels in Scotland. We’re confident he’ll soon be settling in to his new life in Edinburgh with Peter and Jo, and Cindy the Jack Russell.

Togo at Altas Film Studios, Quarzazate Morocco

Togo at Altas Film Studios, Ouarzazate Morocco

Togo asleep in Jo's hotel room

Togo asleep in Jo's hotel room