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Bonnie from Greece finds her forever home in the UK

Bonnie travelled with Animalcouriers on our last trip from Greece to the UK. She was rescued from the streets of Lesvos by Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions. Animalcouriers sponsored Bonnie's trip to the UK, confident that this lovely girl would soon find her forever home. Well, she did — with couriers J and R! Very sadly they recently lost their 16-year-old Welsh Collie, Billywhizz — but his spirit now lives on in Bonnie. Due to spend just one night at courier J's before being fostered by Wendy, Bonnie unpacked her bags, took a look around — and decided to stay. [...]

Snow in northern Italy; and reunions in the UK

On our way back to the UK from Greece, we stopped in northern Italy where it was snowing. The dogs absolutely loved it! They ran around in it like small children, weaving their noses through the it as though in search of elves and fairies, and leaping in delight. Given the snow that was blanketing much of the UK when we got back, it was a good opportunity for the dogs to acclimatise! Bonnie having a mad moment in the snow Here you can see her splendid bushy tail Jerry takes a careful look around [...]

Crossing from Greece to Italy, and a night in Ancona at our favourite A3Passi

Our ferry from Greece to Italy was on time, so we were able to get the new tyres fitted on our van without delay. While that was being taken care of, we gave the dogs an extra leg stretch. New tyres going on our van Jerry enjoying a walk Mirsa, very attentive A night at the A3Passi hotel We spent the night in Ancona, at one of our very favourite places, the A3Passi Agriturismo Hotel. The hotel is actually closed until the end of January, but when we asked for a room, we were welcomed like [...]

Meet Hooper, Jerry, Calle, Djibril, Mirsa, Bonnie and Blacky from Greece

Animalcouriers recently set off on our first road trip of 2016, to bring pets from Greece to the UK. The weather in Athens has been so warm and sunny, it's hard to believe it's January. We received equally warm and sunny greetings from everyone who came to wave pets off on their way. Colonies of cats live all around Athens, some of whom are lucky enough to be fed and cared for by local charities, volunteer groups and kindly individuals. Wonderful smoky-grey puss Perhaps the householder feeds this little group — they certainly look like they know [...]

Danai from Greece has a new home in the Netherlands; can you help Rita find a new home too?

Do you remember Danai? She was in the care of the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens Central Park since being left there as a puppy with her six litter mates. Danai had a serious eye condition — a dermoid cyst — that needed operating on. But at around €700, the cost was beyond the budget of the shelter. So Kiki, Martha and their colleagues set about raising funds. Many people were moved by Danai's story. Alexandros, a friend of the shelter, ran the Athens marathon to help raise money. Others — including followers of this blog — made donations. Everyone's generosity meant enough [...]

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Four cute puppies from Cyprus need new homes

Amanda recently contacted us for help in finding forever homes for four abandoned puppies she rescued last year in Cyprus and has been looking after ever since. It's estimated that these lovely 'Heinz 57' youngsters were born in early August, so they're now about five months old. Help with the cost of transporting them to new homes is available. Amanda tells us: "On a hot Cyprus September afternoon, six hungry and thirsty puppies were found abandoned in a cardboard box by the side of a dusty track. Two puppies found happy new homes here in Cyprus to start their second-chance [...]

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Update on Greek dog Danae since her eye surgery

Good news from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens — the first stage of Danae's eye surgery went very well and she's proving to be an excellent house guest at her foster home. And Cherry, the puppy who had surgery for a broken leg, is also making great strides. Volunteer Alexandros ran the classic marathon in Athens to raise money for Danae's operation. Martha from the shelter tells us: "Alexandros' effort was inspiring, Danae's problem was touching, so by the time Alexandros was finishing the marathon, the amount needed for Danae's surgery was gathered. Just after the marathon we informed those [...]

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Danae and Cherry get their operations; and Fred’s sisters are looking for homes

A big thank you to our friends and followers who made donations to the Filozoikos Shelter for Danae's eye surgery to remove a dermoid cyst. By last weekend the shelter had received around €300 of the €700 needed, at which point a Facebook follower of the shelter offered to donate the rest! The email confirming his donation arrived while Alexandros was running the Athens marathon in aid of the shelter. So on Monday Danae went to the vet and her operation was done on Wednesday. When she was collected on Thursday, Kiki and her colleagues quickly realised that with around [...]

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Can you help the Filozoikos Shelter pay for Danae’s eye operation?

Danae was one of a litter of seven puppies left at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens Central Park, Greece. Now she and her siblings are 12 months old and all need good homes. Danae needs something else, too — an operation on her eye that will cost around €700. She has a dermoid cyst in her eye that looks like an extra set of eyelashes. The cost of this tricky ophthalmic surgery is beyond the budget of the shelter where around 145 dogs and 45 cats are cared for by volunteers. If you can help with a donation towards Danae's operation, the [...]

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Lost puppy in Spain needs a home

As we mentioned in our blog yesterday, Louise from Pets Paradise in Sabinillas in Spain is temporarily caring for a young puppy who was found on the road. We think she was deliberately abandoned, as she was first spotted near an old river bed, where she had probably been thrown from a car. So although Louise is trying to trace an owner, she feels that realistically it's a new home the puppy needs. The puppy is a very sweet and friendly girl, around 8–10 weeks old, who still trusts in humans despite whatever her recent experiences were. If you or [...]

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