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Wilson and Derek, our UK-bound VIPs from Greece

We have a crew of splendid pets travelling with us from Greece to the UK. Among them are Wilson and Derek from Lesvos, who flew into Athens to join the trip. Both dogs are rescues with remarkable back stories — and both now have wonderful new homes, too. Wilson and Derek ready for take-off from Lesvos Wilson Wilson has been in the care of Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Cat and Dog Adoptions for more than six months. When she rescued him, it was clear he'd suffered damage to one of his front legs, and sadly it's of little use to [...]

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Lesvos dogs in need of new homes

Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions has asked us to publicise a tiny handful of the dogs who've been rescued from the streets of Lesvos, and are in urgent search of forever homes. Even if you're not in a position to adopt a dog yourself, your help to publicise their stories more widely or to drum up donations to the charity would be very welcome! If you can offer a home to one of these dogs in need or would like to make a donation towards their care, please contact Rebecca at lesvosstraydogcatadoptions@gmail.com or through us at ask@animalcouriers.com. Tango An affectionate, energetic [...]

Bonnie from Greece finds her forever home in the UK

Bonnie travelled with Animalcouriers on our last trip from Greece to the UK. She was rescued from the streets of Lesvos by Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions. Animalcouriers sponsored Bonnie's trip to the UK, confident that this lovely girl would soon find her forever home. Well, she did — with couriers J and R! Very sadly they recently lost their 16-year-old Welsh Collie, Billywhizz — but his spirit now lives on in Bonnie. Due to spend just one night at courier J's before being fostered by Wendy, Bonnie unpacked her bags, took a look around — and decided to stay. [...]

Is there room in your heart and your home for Alan?

Alan is a German Shorthaired Pointer (also known as a Kurzhaar) currently in the care of the wonderful Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, Greece. Kiki, Martha and the shelter volunteers are keen to find this delightful six-year-old dog a new home. They say he's friendly towards people and other animals, very affection, and loves long walks and human companionship. Kiki takes up Alan's story: "Alan was found in April 2013 wandering outside a supermarket in Nea Filadelfeia, sick and alone. He weighted just 22 kilos when we found him and he had obvious signs of leishmaniasis. He was a sorrowful creature [...]

Kyrenia Animal Rescue’s Christmas bazaar

Some of the toys for sale Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) recently held a very busy and successful Christmas bazaar that raised over 18,000 TL (around £6,300) — a brilliant amount but most of it already earmarked for higher-than-usual vet bills this year. They had a fab selection of raffle prizes, including a combi-microwave donated by Animalcouriers, plus a tombola, face-painting, and cakes, pastries, festive goods and calendars for sale. KAR's Christmas bazaar is renowned in Northern Cyprus so they had a lot to live up to. The weather was kind and the turnout was impressive. Everyone got quickly into the spirit [...]

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Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) is on Santa Paws’s list this year!

KAR is set to receive a bundle of goodies and cash this Christmas from the Santa Paws Drive. Based in the US, Santa Paws Drive aims to help animals all over the world. Each year the Santa Paws elves choose six animal shelters to share donations of toys, treats and cash. This year KAR is one of the lucky six chosen from over 500 nominations! Animalcouriers heard about Santa Paws Drive from one of our blog friends, Rumpydog, and we immediately thought of KAR. Margaret, Kim and their colleagues sprang into action and got lots of people to nominate them. Santa [...]

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Cyprus Terrier Martyn is now sponsored by Animalcouriers

Animalcouriers decided to sponsor one of the dogs at KAR for the next year. He’s a Cyprus Terrier called Martyn — a cute and friendly fellow. £120 towards his food and care for the next 12 months seems like money well spent. Hard to resist? Completely impossible! Martyn has already sent us a thank you note: “It was lovely to meet Animalcouriers when they were visiting the KAR Centre. I was so excited to be told that they have offered to sponsor me and have already paid £120 for the year. It means so much to me that, [...]

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