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Pets travelling by air and homeboarding

Some of the pets we transport by road fly in from abroad. Other pets start their journey in the UK and fly out to destinations like the Cayman Islands and Singapore. In some cases, we offer homeboarding for outbound pets — especially puppies and kittens like Stella, Walnut and Whisper (below), for whom the socialising nature of a home environment is often preferable to a kennels or cattery. Major, a dog from the Cayman Islands to Scotland via Paris Bonnie's beloved dog Major couldn't fly direct from the Cayman Islands to the UK because the Animal Reception Centre (ARC) at [...]

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Santa and Persek from Ukraine reach the UK

Santa and Persek from Ukraine reached the UK with owners Tania and Alina. Courier Ray collected this gorgeous dog and magnificent cat, along with their mother-and-daughter owners, at a shelter in Calais and brought them to the UK. Duncan Murray-Clarke, owner of Service Dealer, was on hand to welcome Tania and Alina and their pets Santa and Persek on arrival in Dover. Working with industry partners, Duncan's business has made donations to a number of organisations supporting Ukrainian refugees, including a generous sum to Animalcouriers. Duncan said: "Animalcouriers did this collection free of charge, so we are making a donation [...]

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The Calais 5 from Ukraine are free and home at last

The Calais 5 from Ukraine — two dogs and three cats — have at last reached their new UK homes. Animalcouriers collected these five pets in Warsaw on 21 April on the strength of a phone conversation with the UK government's Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), who assured us they would be granted licences to enter the UK. However, by the time we reached Calais with dogs Ricci and Leia, and cats Snowy, Scruffy and Toffee, all the UK's quarantine spaces had been allocated. So the pets weren't allowed to cross the Channel to the UK. Disappointed to say [...]

A dog and two cats heading to Spain and Portugal

Courier Ricardo recently travelled from the UK with a dog and two cats heading to Spain and Portugal. On the way back, he was accompanied by cats and dogs bound for the UK. Reuben, a dog from England to Spain Splendid Reuben, a French Bulldog, belongs to Eneko. Courier Ray collected Reuben in Staffordshire ready for his trip with courier Ricardo to Berriz in Spain's Basque Country. Reuben was a model passenger, snuggled up with his favourite toy Eneko over the moon to be reunited with Reuben Chucky and Miia, 2 cats from the UK to [...]

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19 Chihuahuas relocating from England to Bulgaria

Couriers Huw and Tom set off with 19 Chihuahuas relocating from Lancashire to Bulgaria. Joanna is a breeder of Chihuahuas who keeps her dogs as family. She's a long-time Animalcouriers client — over the years, we've moved quite a number of her lovely puppies to worldwide destinations. So when Joanna and her husband Simon decided to relocate from Lancashire to Bulgaria, she asked us to move her 19 little dogs on her behalf. Also along for the ride was Golden Retriever Rocco. Rocco, a dog from England to Italy Adorable Golden Retriever Rocco travelled with us from England to Milan. [...]

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With pets from the UK to Spain, returning via Switzerland

Courier Shane recently set off with pets from the UK to Spain, returning via Switzerland with dogs and cats on board. Mango, Coco, Lola and Cam, 4 dogs from England to Spain This charming canine quartet travelled with us from London to Barcelona to rejoin Avila and Joan, and the rest of the family. Lovely Lola, a 17-years-old Breton Spaniel, is the senior member of the group Gorgeous Cam, very alert Coco and Mango reunited with Avila Cuddles for Lola on arrival in Spain Looks like everyone's set to have some [...]

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