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Bibi and Odin are reunited in Switzerland, and Ruben, Hugo, Red and Jim arrive in France

After reuniting cats Fleur and Mittens with their owners, Mike and Debbie, in Normandy, we drove into Switzerland to deliver Bibi and Odin to Alan and his family. It was hard to say who was more excited at the reunion — humans or dogs! Then it was back into France to drop handsome trio Ruben, Hugo and Red at Le Jardin des Chats, a super cattery in the Montpellier area, where they'll have a short stay until their owner Susan catches up with them. And we left Gentleman Jim with mutual friends, for collection by his owner Faith. The next day, with [...]

Rapturous reunions for Aragon, Cigrunet, Bonnie and Charlie; and tasty treats in Spain

It was rather wet and snowy when Animalcouriers met up with Céline in the French town of Pontarlier, near the border with Switzerland, to deliver young Savannah cat Aragon to her. Within about an hour, Céline was in touch to say Aragon was already walking on a lead and had been out and about, exploring his new surroundings! We then headed on south and spent the night just outside Narbonne. The next day, we continued into Spain, where our first stop was near Tarragona to reunite cute rabbit Cigrunet with Miriam, who was very pleased to see him. Then it [...]

Vladi travels from London to Paris, and we reach Malta via France, Switzerland and Italy

Animalcouriers left the UK a few days ago, having collected Camille's handsome Persian cat Vladi from his mum Sylvie. Vladi travelled with us to Paris, as Camille has returned there after working in London. We then headed through France and Switzerland to Italy, and took a ferry from the toe of Italy to the Sicilian port of Messina. We were going to take the catamaran from Sicily to Malta, but it wasn't available, so we made alternative plans to use the EuroMed Freight route. We were told that our van could go but only one passenger, so courier J volunteered [...]

A lost cat gets back to his family; and three animal charities get a windfall

When Elaine Fairfax was on holiday recently in the south of France, she was adopted by a stray tabby-and-white cat who walked in her back door looking a bit thin and bedraggled. Concerned that he didn't have a home of his own, Elaine fed him and shared her home with him. As the end of her holiday approached, Elaine decided she wanted to adopt the cat, now called Pepe, and take him back to the UK with her. Being the founder and MD of Animal Friends Pet Insurance in the UK, Elaine knew that without a pet passport, Pepe would have to [...]

Cheese-tasting in the Dijon area as we follow the Tour de France route

Couriers J and M set off from the UK, heading towards Spain, and spent last night in the Dijon area of France. On board so far are Bonnie, Nellie, Lola and India. Tabby-and-white cats Bonnie and Nellie are quite hard to tell apart. These two lovelies have been homeboarding with Animalcouriers for a week since arriving from Wales. They're now en route to their new home in Moraira in Spain, where their owners Val and David are eagerly awaiting their arrival — Val says once the cats are there it will really feel like home. At just 8 inches tall, [...]

Enjoying the natural and architectural splendours of Greece

On the way to Athens, Animalcouriers has the chance to admire some fascinating sights in Greece. This view of Igoumenitsa is breathtaking — it's easy to see why people fall in love with Greece and the Greek islands. The Rio-Antirrio bridge crosses the Gulf of Corinth and links the town of Rio on the Peloponnese to Antirrio on mainland Greece. The world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge, it looks impressive against a bright blue Greek sky. Old and new together — in the shadow of one of the bridge's huge concrete supports lies a fort; and [...]

Lucky from Athens has a new home in Cornwall

Animalcouriers is pleased to be heading off to Greece again this month. Among the passengers waiting to travel back to the UK with us is a little cat called Lucky. Rescued from a life on the streets by Nine Lives Greece, she has a lovely new home awaiting her in Cornwall. You may find the 'before' photo of Lucky hard to look at, but it only makes her subsequent transformation all the more remarkable. Cordelia from Nine Lives tells us: "Lucky was found hiding in a crevice under the pavement on a busy Athens thoroughfare. One of her eyes was [...]

The story of Honey, which demonstrates why microchipping your pets is always worth it

Beautiful cat Honey disappeared from Pueblo Nuevo in Sotogrande over three years ago. Her family searched and searched for her, placed ads in the paper and put up posters in an effort to find her, but to no avail. Distraught, they had to leave for England without her. Imagine the family's surprise when they recently got a call from their old vet in Sotogrande, Paola, to say that Honey had been found! She'd been discovered living by herself in Cordoba — around 300km from her original home! Luckily she had been microchipped, so a vet in Cordoba could identify her and [...]

Last stop in Portugal before making our way back to Spain

Animalcouriers stopped off in Albufeira to visit our friends at kennels and cattery Animal Inn Guia. Everyone — our passengers, kennel visitors and house dogs — enjoyed a wonderful walk in the campo as the air cooled down. Striding out with our canine chums Three-legged Buster tags along at the back Nikita and Buster have a little chat Buster is clever enough to know that if he walks slowly enough, his dad will eventually pick him up and carry him! We thought at first this curious creature must be from a Portuguese [...]

Stopping off for lunch with Oscar

On our way north through Spain, Animalcouriers stopped off for lunch with chocolate Labrador Oscar. You may remember we delivered him to John and Margaret from his French breeder in January 2011. Time to play ball Time to look super-cute Time for a nap Oscar with John, Margaret and Fergus waving us goodbye. Oscar and John competing for the longest tongue competition!