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A great way to start the new year — news about recent passengers Etti, Rudi, Josephine, Toddy and Maisie

Animalcouriers wishes all our friends and followers a very happy and healthy 2015. To kick off the new year in the best way, we'd like to share updates about some of our recent passengers. Rescue dog Etti (short for Loretta) travelled with us just last month from the Almeria region of Spain to join David and Victoria. David wrote to say: "Thank you very much for getting our sweet pooch to us in time for Christmas. She's such a joy. We have been very lucky with her, considering we just went on a 'hunch'. As you can see, she is [...]

Milo, Randolph and Louis travel to Ireland; Fifi and Bella reach Northampton; and John Dorian is reunited with Marta

Handsome ginger tabby Milo is on the final leg of his journey from Malta, where he was rescued from dockside life by Trevor. He'll shortly be arriving at his wonderful new home with Trevor and Ann in Donegal. Staffie Randolph is also on board — he's swapping Islington for Cork. This friendly, affectionate chap homeboarded with us before the journey started. He's not keen on being confined in any way — he would suddenly appear in an open doorway, looking for someone to play with! Standard Poodle Louis makes up the passenger list to Ireland. This very good-looking fellow flew [...]

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Meet three delightful puppies: Kuran, Inez and Obi

Animalcouriers collected gorgeous German Shepherd Dog puppies Kuran and Inez from Riethoven in the Netherlands, for the first leg of the their journey to Barbados. They were bred by a former chief of police whose puppies mostly go on to interesting and vital working lives with the police, army and search and rescue teams. For now, however, these two are simply enjoying being teenagers! After checking their passports and microchips, we drove to Calais for a Eurotunnel crossing to the UK, and last night they homeboarded with us in Surrey. Today they'll have their final health check at the vet [...]

Reunions for Rufus, Athena and Jack; and Sam and Sky are on board

Dogs often find a visit to the vet quite stressful, but it was the opposite for black Labrador Rufus. He travelled with Animalcouriers from Portugal to Scarborough where he was reunited with his owner, Ana, at the vet clinic where she is a nurse. As you can imagine, Rufus was both surprised and delighted to see Ana. And needless to say, all the clinic staff made a huge fuss of him. From there we continued to Belsay, near Newcastle, to drop cats Athena and Jack at the family's new home, a lovely farm cottage deep in the country. Athena and [...]

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Nutmeg is swapping the UK for China

Handsome Golden Retriever Nutmeg has an exciting adventure ahead, as he is off to Shanghai. The first step on his epic journey involved being collected by courier D and taken to his vet appointment. With a bit of time to spare, courier D took Nutmeg to meet his sons, Oliver and Finlay. The boys were so taken with Nutmeg, they're now petitioning their dad for a dog of their own! Nutmeg is now homeboarding with Animalcouriers, staying with courier M and his Golden Retriever Amber until it's time to catch his flight. New best mates — Nutmeg with Finlay [...]

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Travelling from the UK: Billybob, Alfie, Tiger, Lily and Sox

Animalcouriers set off yesterday from the UK with pets bound for Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. The clouds were heavy with rain and we thought Hurricane Bertha might catch up with us — but fortunately we experienced nothing worse than a bit of rain. First up, we delivered darling Cocker Spaniel Billybob to his temporary home in Liège in Belgium. His owners, Veronique and her husband, are going to spend a few months in Australia, during which time Billybob will stay with Veronique's mum in Liège before travelling back with us to the UK. Veronique and her husband will then split [...]

Thaddeus and Perseus from Greece are en route for Ireland

Animalcouriers met Sarah at Folkestone Services. She had flown from Athens in Greece to Brussels in Belgium, then taken a taxi to England. She was travelling with three cats of her own, plus two rescue cats from Nine Lives Greece, Thaddeus (formerly Homer) and Perseus, whose ultimate destination is Ireland, where a new home with Ann and Trevor awaits them. Until their transport to Donegal is arranged, Thaddeus and Perseus are homeboarding with Animalcouriers. Sarah with her beautiful tabby cat Handsome ginger Perseus Perseus and Thaddeus Sarah says goodbye to Perseus and Thaddeus [...]

Cheese-tasting in the Dijon area as we follow the Tour de France route

Couriers J and M set off from the UK, heading towards Spain, and spent last night in the Dijon area of France. On board so far are Bonnie, Nellie, Lola and India. Tabby-and-white cats Bonnie and Nellie are quite hard to tell apart. These two lovelies have been homeboarding with Animalcouriers for a week since arriving from Wales. They're now en route to their new home in Moraira in Spain, where their owners Val and David are eagerly awaiting their arrival — Val says once the cats are there it will really feel like home. At just 8 inches tall, [...]

Max, Isabelle and Texas from Europe, a Great Dane rescue, and little Lola on a lap

Stunning feline duo Max and Isabelle are moving from Bamberg in Germany to Cambridgeshire. They belong to Kris who has a new forces posting at Lakenheath and, of course, Max and Isabelle are going too. After a short spell homeboarding locally, where they had a bedroom to themselves filled with toys, they crossed the channel yesterday evening with courier S and will stay with Animalcouriers until Kris has completed her move. It was a bit of a tight squeeze fitting a trip in for these cats but Kris has been very flexible about adjusting their travel plans. Also relocating from [...]

Travelling in the UK with Shep, Holly and Lola

While couriers J and M head towards to the UK with their passengers from Greece and Italy, courier S is taking care of Shep, Holly and Lola's journeys in the UK. Handsome Collie Shep has been homeboarding with Animalcouriers since travelling with us from the Clermont Ferrand area of France earlier in the month. This senior fellow has been the perfect houseguest, but now it's time for him to be reunited with his family who are eagerly awaiting his arrival. The dad in his family, Nathan, is a professional rugby player who moved from Australia to the UK, and from there to [...]

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