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New-style pet passports and other EU pet travel scheme changes from 29 December

Some changes to the EU pet travel scheme come into effect on 29 December 2014. The changes aim to strengthen enforcement across the EU and improve the security and traceability of pet passports. We've outlined the main changes below and given links to more information. New-style pet passports A new-style pet passport is being introduced — but if you already have a passport for your pet, you don't have to get a new one. Existing passports will remain valid for the lifetime of your pet or until all the treatment spaces are filled. The new passport has laminated strips covering [...]

When do pets travelling in the EU need TRACES in addition to a pet passport?

We updated this post on 9 December on learning that pets travelling more than five days before or after their owners no longer need to follow the TRACES process. All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling from one EU country to another must have a valid pet passport. In most cases, dogs must be given a worming treatment by a vet between 24 hours and five days of their arrival in the destination country. To protect animals from theft, trafficking and so on, some additional requirements must be met, if the pet is: Relocating from one EU country to another, and travelling unaccompanied by [...]

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Emmi, Bear, Callie and Soggy leave the UK; Huxley arrives; and Phoebe settles in

Animalcouriers drove to Cornwall to collect tabby cats Tips and Emmi, and Labrador/Great Dane cross Bear. We met up with Tips and Emmi near beautiful Redruth, where they have been staying at the Sun Valley cattery, a lovely place that lives up to its name. Once their paperwork and vet visits are complete, they'll be flying off to join their owners in Singapore. Bear has been staying with family friends near Tiintagel while waiting to join his owners in Paris. Bear stayed overnight with Animalcouriers and continued his journey to Paris by road the next day. Beautiful fox red Labrador [...]

Fang reaches the UK from Kazakhstan via Amsterdam

Two-year-old Fang and his owners are relocating from Kazakhstan to England. Because they're coming from outside the EU, Fang's UK entry paperwork is a little more complicated than the usual pet passport. The entry requirements include a blood test followed by a three-month wait. With one month to go, he's now reached the UK where he will spend those last weeks in quarantine. To complicate matters further, Fang is a very big dog indeed. He's a Central Asian Shepherd, and his size meant he couldn't fly directly into the UK, because KLM didn't have a plane with a cargo hold [...]

Dip and Piri are heading to New Zealand

Having delivered Bibi, Digger and Kizzy to kennels in Normandy, Animalcouriers headed off to Brittany to pick up Jack Russell Terrier Dip and Golden Retreiver/Labrador cross Piri. They have a long journey ahead of them as they're flying to New Zealand! We crossed to the UK by Eurotunnel, with this inseparable pair sitting side by side, barking in unison to greet every toll booth attendant. They spent last night with courier S, and this morning they're off to stay in kennels in Sussex while their paperwork, blood tests and vaccinations are finalised for their entry into New Zealand. Lovely [...]

Phoebe is emigrating from France to Australia, via the UK

Pretty tabby-and-white cat Phoebe and her owner Liz have been living in beautiful rural Flayat in the Limousin region of France. Now they're relocating to the Yarra Valley, near Melbourne in Australia. When Liz started organising Phoebe's travel, she struggled to find a local vet who could steer her through the Australian import process. Things got off to a less-than-brilliant start when the vet forgot to put the date of Phoebe's rabies vaccination on her RNATT (Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test) declaration that's required by the Australian authorities as part of the import application. Somewhat frustrated, Liz contacted Animalcouriers for [...]

Super-size Sultan sets off for Sri Lanka

Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppy Sultan has a long journey ahead, from France, via the UK, and all the way to Sri Lanka. Animalcouriers accompanied him to the vet's office in Rodez yesterday morning, where the final documents were signed and stamped. Then it was a final goodbye to Sultan's lovely breeder, and off we headed towards Calais. To meet Sri Lankan entry and quarantine requirements. we'll travel non stop from Calais this evening in Animalcouriers' special quarantine van straight to London's Heathrow airport. Sultan will stay in the quarantine section of the airport's animal reception centre, ready to fly on [...]

An American reunion (at last) for Sarah and her parrots

Way back in June 2013 Sarah contacted Animalcouriers for help moving her two pet parrots from Scotland to the US. Last weekend, the mission was finally accomplished. Ptak is a Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus Coelestis) and Maverick is a Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus Senegalus). Both species are protected by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), so Sarah had to work through the maze of paperwork required to allow the birds to travel between the UK and the US. Because the process took longer than expected, Sarah had to return to the US, leaving her beloved birds in the care of [...]

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Dougie and Hamish benefit from new rules for travel to Australia

Dougie and Hamish will be rejoining their owner in Sydney. While they wait for everything to be organised for their big move, they're being cared for by their owner's parents. These two lovable hounds will be among the first pets to benefit from Australia's new import rules for dogs and cats, being introduced in February 2014. The biggest change in the rules is a reduction in the quarantine period on arrival in Australia — from 30 days to just 10. DAFF, Australia's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, has retained a comprehensive schedule for preparing dogs and cats for entry into that [...]

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First hellos for Ike and JJ, reunion for Desy, and Coco is finally on her way

Cheeky chappies Ike and JJ met their new owners for the first time on Irish soil. We could see straight away it was going to be a two-way street of love for these Swedish Vallhunds! In Chesterfield, Desy and her owner were over the moon to be reunited after a trek from Italy and a couple of weeks apart. Meanwhile Shar Pei Coco, who travelled from Barcelona, had an unexpected short stay in France! The reason for that was that she had two passports — rabies vaccination in one, and tick and flea treatment in the other. She boarded with [...]

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