Leaving the UK with Myrtle, Oscar, Smokey, Izzie, Tinks, Aslan, Dexter, JJ, Penny, Leonard, Lola, Spike, Muppet and Boo — and learning all about prunes and Armagnac

Animalcouriers left the UK with a fine set of passengers on board, all heading to mainland European destinations. Fiona and Nicholas have moved from Winchester to the Bergerac area of France. They went on ahead and left their glamorous black Pug, Myrtle, in the tender car of Nell Parry at Willowmead Cottage Kennels, which is where we collected her for the journey. Friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oscar is travelling with us to Torrox in Spain. This Geordie fellow has set himself up as the one-man welcoming committee for all the other pets joining our trip, greeting everyone with a [...]