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Heading to France and Spain with Pluto, Scrumpy, Sirius, Throttle, Mr Bojangles, Byron, Baby, Poppy, Billie, Belle, PJ and Arfa

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with pets on board who are heading to France and Spain. In addition to Belle and PJ, collected in Scotland a couple of days ago, we were joined by a fabulous cast of characters. Basset Hound Pluto from London is on his way to Madrid to rejoin his family who've moved back to Spain. He's a very determined chap, and very strong. You don't so much take him for a walk as simply try to steer him in the general direction you want him to go! Marvellously monikered feline trio Scrumpy, Sirius and Throttle [...]

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Rescue dogs and cats: why they can’t currently leave Greece

The EU uses an electronic system called TRACES to legally and reliably track the movement of pets being rehomed from one EU country to another. At the moment, however, the Greek government won't issue TRACES certificates. This means that Animalcouriers can't currently transport cats and dogs from rescue centres in Greece on behalf of adopters in the UK or any other EU country. (We can, however, transport pets who are relocating with their existing owners from Greece and have valid pet passports.) For the time being, if you want to adopt a rescue animal from Greece, you have to go [...]

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