our terms and conditions

Here you can read our terms and conditions of service. We’ll provide you with a copy when we send you an estimate and a copy is also included in our contract documentation.

  1. Conditions set out below are the conditions under which Animalcouriers (AC) will operate and AC only deals with animals / animal goods subject to these conditions and no agent acting for AC has the Company’s authority to alter or vary these conditions.
  2. The Customer warrants that he is either the owner of the animals / animal goods consigned to AC or he is the authorised agent and that he accepts these conditions for himself and for those for whom he is acting.
  3. AC may employ or entrust or instruct others to perform part of the services in carrying out instructions from the customer, AC will make every effort to inform the customer of these services.
  4. Following instructions from the customer AC reserves to itself absolute discretion as to the means route timings and procedure to be followed in the handling management and transport of animals / animal goods and if AC at any stage considers it necessary or desirable to depart from those instructions AC will be at liberty to do so and AC will make every effort to communicate any resulting changes to the customer.
  5. If AC finds it necessary to board animals before consignment to a carrier can be arranged or at any stage in the journey or where owing to circumstances beyond the control of AC there is a need to provide boarding the cost of the boarding and incidental expenses including any necessary medicines or veterinary treatments or re-examination required by import or export regulations of the country of destination shall be payable by the customer without prejudice to AC’s rights against any other person.
  6. All quotations are given on the basis of immediate acceptance and that travel will be within three months and if costs of freight or costs of travel increases above the rates prevailing at the time of the quotation were prepared the excess shall be passed on for payment by the customer.
  7. All quotations given are based on information and evidence provided by the customer and AC will make charges for costs incurred for making adjustments or changes in the service resulting from this lack of information or evidence and AC also reserves the right to cancel any arrangement with the customer in the case of the customer providing inaccurate information or evidence.
  8. The customers shall be deemed to be bound by and to warrant the accuracy of all descriptions values and other particulars given to AC for customs consular and other purposes and the customer undertakes to indemnify AC against all losses damages expenses and fines arising from any inaccuracy or omission even if such inaccuracy or omission is not due to any negligence on the part of the customer his servants or agents.
  9. All local duties and taxes levied by authorities by any port or receiving country are the sole responsibility of the customer as well as any expense properly incurred after arrival at destination before delivery to the consignee.
  10. Animals / animal goods are accepted by AC solely at the risk of the customer and AC and its servants and agents shall be under no liability in contract tort or otherwise for the death illness escape of or injury to any animals and damage to any goods from any cause arising nor for any loss or damage suffered by the customer or anyone claiming through him by reason of anything done or omitted to be done by AC or its servants or agents in connection with such animals / animal goods.
  11. Payment terms will be provided when we send you an estimate or on request.
  12. AC provides insurance up to a value of £1000 in respect of each animal in its care and if a customer wishes to increase this insurance then AC will cooperate in gaining a quotation for this extra insurance and if a customer decides to take out insurance elsewhere then AC’s insurance is withdrawn.
  13. If the customer or sender or any person authorised by the customer or sender travels by transport arranged by AC or its agents AC is under no liability to him or his representatives for the loss of life personal injury or delay of or loss or damage or delay to his property however caused or for any loss however arising.
  14. AC will water and feed all animals and livestock in its care and in prior consultation with its customers and if it is necessary to unload for resting watering or feeding AC will do so at the cost of the customer if in the opinion of AC it is reasonable to do so without incurring liability for any consequences resulting and in the event of this would take all reasonable steps to consult with its customer.
  15. In addition to and without prejudice to the foregoing conditions the customer undertakes that he shall in the event indemnify AC against all liabilities suffered or incurred by AC arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the customer’s instructions or their implementation or the animal / animal goods and in particular the customer shall indemnify AC in respect of any liability it may be under to any servant agent or subcontractor or any haulier carrier warehouseman or other person whatsoever at any time involved with the animal / animal goods arising out of any claim made directly or indirectly against any such party by the customer or by any sender consignee or owner of the animal / animal goods or by any person interested in the animal / animal goods or by any other person whatsoever.
  16. AC shall be discharged from all liabilities for loss or non delivery of animal / animal goods forming a part of or a whole consignment handed into an airline or other carrier acting on behalf of AC or AC’s customer.
  17. AC is a British Limited Company and all agreements between AC and its customers shall be governed by English Law and be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.