Road trip from Greece with UK-bound cats and dogs

While couriers J and M accompanied six dogs on their flights from Greece, couriers Marc and Matthew made the road trip from Greece with UK-bound cats and dogs. They stopped off in Italy to collect their final passengers. Harrison and Sheba This fabulous feline duo travelled with us from Athens to Plymouth. Harrison has splendid tabby markings (Sheba was camera shy!) Baby, Little Lady, Abigail and Cleo The four gorgeous rescue hounds were sponsored by the Starlight Barking Trust. We delivered them to the Manchester Dog Café for assessment, followed by rehoming. The café is doing great work [...]

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Dogs reunited in Italy and Greece

While courier Richard made his way down to Spain and back, couriers M and Marc continued their journey to Greece. Leo, Ava and Tipi This inseparable trio of dogs travelled with Animalcouriers from Spain to Brindisi in Italy, where they were reunited with their owners and three more canine companions. Lots of waggy tails as Leo, Ava and Tipi are greeted by Zane and the rest of the pack. Within moments they were off to explore their new surroundings under the olive trees. Crossing from Italy to Greece After dropping off our passengers in Italy, we were left [...]

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One cat, three dogs and a host of snails get on board

Once his outbound passengers were safely delivered, courier Richard set about collecting passengers from Spain and Portugal: one cat, three dogs and a host of snails! It's big-time citrus season in Spain The oranges and mandarins are especially sweet this year An impressive chest spotted at the hotel Runa Splendid puss Runa, who belongs to Sofia and Joel, travelled from Porto in Portugal to Rugby. Runa not too keen on a photo session Paddy Gorgeous Golden Retriever Paddy travelled with us from Spain to Switzerland. Paddy looks as though butter wouldn't [...]

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Pets travelling to Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Greece

Courier Richard set out from the UK with pets travelling to Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Greece. On the way from Switzerland to Spain through France, he met up with couriers M and Marc to hand over three dogs heading to Italy and Greece. Driving through France, courier Richard saw first hand some of the flooding that's occurred in many parts of the country Lucky The first of two Luckies on board, Jack Russell Terrier Lucky is a true gent who lives up to his full moniker of Flack des Dunes de la Rougeve. After a spell at doggy [...]

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Transporting pets from Greece to the UK

While couriers M, Paul and Richard travelled round France, Spain and Portugal in December, couriers J and Huw were transporting pets from Greece to the UK. Our first stop, however, was to deliver Akim and Nera who made the journey with us from the UK. These delightful passengers, who've travelled with us before, belong to Dimitri. Dimitri and Akim reunited in Athens Gorgeous Nera Courier J flew into Athens airport to join courier Huw, who'd driven down from the UK with Akim and Nera. This was the airport's take on Christmas lights! Welcoming [...]

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Buddy and Milou head to the UK from Greece

Courier J is in Greece to accompany two rescue dogs, Buddy and Milou, who're travelling to their families in the UK. They're taking the plane from Athens to Paris Charles de Gaulle, and will travel the last leg of the journey by road. Buddy hails from Lesvos, where he was adopted by Amy who'd gone to help with the refugee crisis. Amy tells us: "I flew to Lesvos from the UK to volunteer with the Syrian refugee crisis there. The Greek islands like Lesvos in particular hold many tragic stories; the families travel there by boat across the Aegean Sea, [...]

Happy reunions in the UK, and Lucy finds her forever home

As soon as Animalcouriers reached Dover, the pets who had travelled from Greece started heading off to rejoin their families in various parts of the UK. Courier Dave took Sugar, Jack and Berti in to London; while Courier Rickie set off northwards, taking Dexter to Chester, Lilly to Newcastle, Niko to Livingstone, and Souki and Diego to Edinburgh. Dexter's owner Ian wrote to say: "Dexter and Pat and I are now tired! What an eventful first 12 hours. Our two girls (Nell and Honor) have their noses slightly out of joint but they’ll get there! Dexter just came in, made [...]

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Heading through autumnal Swiss landscapes as we make for the UK

Animalcouriers continued north towards the UK, stopping off at Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, which is a super place to walk dogs. As well as lots of new smells to enjoy, there were plenty of waterbird cries to attract their attention. We then continued on through France, and spent four hours getting through all the layers of security at the port before we could board our ferry to Dover. Once we reach the UK, our passengers will head off in different directions with various couriers, to be reunited with their families. It's been quite a challenging trip in some ways, especially [...]

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A family of 22 cats and two birds relocate from France to the UK

Animalcouriers travelled to the Lauzun area in the Lot-et-Garonne to make a very special collection: Mal and Mike's 22 cats, one Rosy Lovebird and one Cockatiel. Mal and Mike are relocating to Lincolnshire after living and in France for many years, where they ran a gîte business. They've loved every minute of it, but now it's time to go back to the UK, where family draws them. They'll miss their lovely local friends, though, several of whom stepped in to help today. The cats have joined the household over the years, and now that it's time to leave, not a [...]

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We leave the UK with three cats; and start our trip back from Greece with 11 dogs, 11 cats, a Macaw and a Chinchilla on board

Couriers M and Mike recently set off on what will be our biggest-ever trip from Greece back to the UK. Luckily we have two vans, each with air conditioning, electrical airflow and comfy compartments for all the pets travelling with us. A few pets travelled out with us from the UK. Gorgeous Gaia and Lulu, a pair of cats who are almost impossible to tell apart, are moving with Eric to Italy. We dropped them at a cattery in Verona for Eric to collect on his arrival. Gaia gives us a wink Lulu has a fine 'milk [...]

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