Wally, Scruffy and Pixie discover the green, green grass of home

This trio of firm friends flew in to London Heathrow from Abu Dhabi yesterday. While their paperwork was cleared they had a rest, then travelled by road with Animalcouriers to a beautiful village in Wales, where a steam train runs down to the lush green valley. It will be quite a change in environment for these three pets who've been used to the heat and sand of Abu Dhabi. All three were originally street animals, who were rescued by their wonderful owners, and are now looking forward to a new life in the Welsh hills. Pixie is such a [...]

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It’s a dog’s life!

Here's an update on a family of three dogs who recently flew from Cardiff to Paphos in South Cyprus. Their owner Andrea tells us: "The dogs have settled in well. They love swimming and, as you can see, have a very chilled time in between their hectic walks!" Boxer Catie relaxes Catie catches a few zeds with terriers Penny and Andy

Glamorous Dior is moving to Monte Carlo

This gorgeous little Cockapoo pup will be travelling with Animalcouriers at the weekend. We're collecting her from her breeder in West Wales and taking her to her new home in Monaco. Her new owner particularly wanted her to travel by road as it's less stressful for animals than flying. We're specialists in pet road travel and take extra special care of young passengers like Dior. Irresistible Dior

Retriever pups’ first day at school

Animalcouriers collected two delightful flat-coated Retriever puppies from their breeder in Chesterfield, and delivered them for their first day at gun-dog training school in the Welsh mountains. They were very excited to meet all the other young pupils. By the time they fly out to join their owners in Abu Dhabi in August, they'll have learned all the basics, like lead work, key commands, and soft retrieving. With their breeder Already getting the general idea Hitchhiker in the hills The Welsh valley where their training will take place

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