BoBo to Hong Kong, Jack to the Netherlands, Giorgio to Rome, and news from the UK

A number of our couriers have been on the road recently — travelling around England, Scotland and Wales; hopping across the Channel; and going as far as the Netherlands and Italy. BoBo BoBo was found abandoned in a public car park in Leicester six months ago, and had the good fortune to be taken in and nurtured by her caring new owner. He's due to return to Hong Kong when his work at Leicester University comes to and end, and BoBo has flown on ahead. Man and cat been together every day since BoBo was rescued, so it will a [...]

Meet our passengers from Greece who are on their way to the UK

Six dogs and two cats from the mainland, and five dogs from the island of Lesvos, are travelling with us to the UK. Akis, who runs a pet taxi service, did a sterling job to help round everyone up. After delivering Coco, Clifford, Squash and Georgie to their holiday destination on Paros, he headed over to Lesvos to collect our passengers from the island. He looked after them at his home overnight, then brought them to our meeting point the following morning. Julius Julius has been adopted from Lesvos by Andy. When Andy was volunteering at refugee camps earlier in [...]

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Ziggy, Honey, Raj and Islay join our trip to the UK

When couriers M and Mike turned up for their ferry crossing from Italy to Greece, strike action meant a 24-hour delay. To avoid passing that delay on to all our passengers, courier Mike turned back to start collecting UK-bound pets in Italy and France. Gorgeous Ziggy and her owners have been apart for 10 months. Now it's time for them to be reunited, as Ziggy follows her owners from Rome to South Wales. Sweet Honey is relocating from Monte San Savino to Nottinghamshire. Honey was an abandoned puppy in a car park — until Julia turned up. [...]

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Boarding the bus in Spain: Bobby, Chaudi, Alana, Bob, Ben, Mabel and Missy; and we celebrate a birthday with Oscar

We crossed the border from Portugal to Spain where our first stop was Manilva to collect a lovely pair of dogs, Bobby and Chaudi. These two firm friends belong to Bob and Caroline, who've moved to Carmarthen in Wales, and now the dogs are off to join them. At a shelter in Granada we collected pretty Alana, a young blind cat who's lucky enough to be joining Ann and Trevor's amazing household  in Ireland. We met Dave in Nerja, whose wife Christine has already travelled back to England. Dave has been holding the fort, and looking after the family's two cats [...]

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Meet our passengers travelling to Spain and Portugal

Animalcouriers has set off from the UK with pets on board who are heading to Spain and Portugal. Our first stop was to collect Brockman and Muller in Wales. These two English Bulldogs — known affectionately as Slug and Slobber — are off to Cadiz in Spain, where their footballing owner has relocated to play for a Spanish team. They're a fine pair of dogs with massive personalities and very charming smiley faces. Lovely trio Spanish Water Dog Lola, Jack Russell Terrier Millie and Maine Coon Alfie joined us in Lancashire and are travelling with us to Portugal. With shiny [...]

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Arletta reaches her new home in Luxembourg

We delivered lovely Arletta to her owners who've relocated from Wales to Luxembourg. She was on the same trip as Minnie, Mushy, Daisy and Rafiki, aka the Brady Bunch. Arletta was glad to be travelling in style in her own private compartment as these four hounds have been quite boisterous on the trip — both girls are on heat so we've been careful to keep them apart from the boys. Last night we reached Dijon in France, and will be delivering the dogs to their new home in Geneva today. Arletta, glad not to be part of the Brady Bunch [...]

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Gwen and Betsy reach their new homes; and Arletta is heading to Luxembourg

With Border Collie Gwen on board, Animalcouriers crossed the border from Scotland to England, en route for Kent. The sun was shining and the scenery was beautiful — and then suddenly a warning light appeared on the dashboard. We had time to pull over to the hard shoulder before the engine stopped. Because this sort of thing can happen to anyone, and because animal welfare is our priority, our extensive RAC breakdown cover includes roadside assistance and a relay service to complete our journeys. Within minutes we were being towed to a safe place; and while we waited for the [...]

Five cats and a puppy are heading to France and Switzerland

Animalcouriers set off today from Portsmouth with a lovely collection of pets on board. Our first stop is Jersey, then it's on to France. Four of the cats belong to Martin and Claire. The family is relocating from the Manchester area to the Burgundy region of France, where Martin set up his lute-making business last year. He's been waiting a while for his staff of Sid, Ben, Casper and Aztec to arrive. This quartet are glad to be on their way as they've been quite worried about how Martin has been managing without them! Handsome Casper Very relaxed Aztec [...]

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Boxer Cardosso and Pugs Bruno, Triana and Pretinha are all on board

Handsome Boxer Cardosso has joined Lola, Suzie and Millie on our trip to Spain. He's leaving wet and windy Wales behind to rejoin Irene in Girona, who tells us they're both looking forward to a Spanish summer! Also heading south with us are Alicia's three Pugs. This cuddly trio, Bruno, Triana and Pretinha, travelled with us last year when Alicia relocated to England, and are now on their way back to Madrid where they'll be reunited with Alicia. Most airlines won't accept snub-nosed dogs like Pugs because they can have difficulties breathing, so we're delighted to be able to transport [...]

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Dogs and cats heading to their new homes in France and Spain

Remember Kenny, one of the many Setters on our trip last month? He was rescued by Martin and Tracey in Greece and, following a short stay in the UK, is now travelling with Animalcouriers to join them at their new home in Spain. Also setting off with us from the UK are the Three Musketeers — Labradors Maggie, Josie and O'Reilly. They've been waiting in kennels on beautiful Anglesey, off the north-west coast of Wales, for their passports to be ready, so that they can rejoin their family in the Lot et Garonne region of France. Kenny playing in [...]

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