Cooper and Bingo have landed in Bermuda

Animalcouriers arranged for these two lovely Cockerpoo pups to travel with BA to their new homes in Bermuda. They stayed with us for a few days while their export/import paperwork was prepared. Do not, however, be fooled by the apparently serene pictures — neither Cooper nor Bingo stayed still very much! The only time we could catch them for a photo was after they'd exhaused themselves from playing and running circuits round the room. Cooper keeps an eye on things, while Bingo catches some zeds Cooper and Bingo completely passed out Their new owners, N and H, [...]

Setting off on our trip to France and northern Spain

Animalcouriers is on a short trip to France and northern Spain. Couriers J and M are very much looking forward to catching up with our French outpost and website gurus in Narbonne, and extremely pleased to see Dr Diana and her family in the Lot. We've enjoyed many trips to Greece, Turkey and Cyprus this year, making it a very different experience to previous years. We've made great friends as a result of those trips — Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) in Northern Cyprus, Cordelia and Nine Lives Greece, Kiki and her colleagues at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, and Louisa [...]

Lia, Woody and Buzz

Lia and her pups were very chilled out this morning, watching with grave interest as we walked the other dogs. They had indoor play as it was bucketing down with rain. They are a very close trio, usually to be found sleeping in a heap with their heads on each other's backs. Buzz gives his Mum Lia a friendly lick Very curious about the comings and goings. Maybe there will be a biscuit treat? Woody also waits patiently for a biscuit No wonder their family is so excited about their imminent arrival! [...]

No-name dog waits patiently at KAR’s offices in North Cyprus

This lovely little girl was found with her puppies in a drain last week — before the heavy rains started, fortunately. The KAR people had to work hard to get her pups out as they retreated when help arrived. The mum is lucky enough to have found a new home already, and is waiting for her new owners to name her. Her pups are waiting for more kind people to step forward and offer them homes. Looking forward to her new life

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Puppies on the move

Animalcouriers collected Cardigan Welsh Corgi pups Morning Star and Arrow yesterday. Morning Star is heading to Ireland and is staying with relatives near Stansted before heading off to that emerald isle. Meanwhile Arrow joined Cockapoo pup Dior on a channel crossing. They spent the night in courier M's room having a high old time, until they wore each other out and slept like logs. After a wild and windy night we woke to snow this morning; but fortunately the weather has improved as we've driven south. Arrow met up with his new owner Lisa near Reims — she's taking him [...]

Puppy supper time

At supper time last night we put food out in bowls for the puppies. But all they did was climb into it, stand on it, lean on it, and tip it over with their paws. Not prepared to be foiled by their antics, couriers J and M2 instead put their food in a long line by the door of their compartment. As you can see, it worked a treat! Puppies munching away

A holiday romance featuring four cute pups

Animalcouriers moved Martin and his pets from Brighton to Portugal not so long ago. So we were surprised to hear from him asking about trips back to the UK. It turned out he wasn't asking for himself. He'd been 'adopted' by two stray dogs who walked into his house, one of whom fairly rapidly gave birth to a litter of puppies! When his mum and sister visited Martin on holiday, they fell in love with the puppies and wanted two each. So these scrumptious babies — Duchess, Belle, Charlie and Missy — are now travelling with Animalcouriers to their new [...]

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The puppies at KAR who’ll be looking for permanent homes

A lot of puppies arrive at KAR, and the team do their best to rehome as many of them as they can. KAR has created a special puppy exercise area, just off the main house and office — here they can spend time outside with constant human companionship Among the puppies they’re looking after at the moment are a Pointer pup who arrived about 10 days ago, a pup with a missing ear, and another one with one ear that sticks up and the other that flops down! The newest arrivals we met were about six weeks old; doubtless more [...]

Tiffany and Sammy have moved to their chateau

Animalcouriers collected these two gorgeous Labradoodle puppies from their breeder in Hereford, and delivered them to their new home in Villars in France — which just happened to be the most gorgeous chateau. They looked at home straight away and started rushing around on the gravel forecourt. These two bundles of fun are a lucky pair and their new owners seemed delighted to have them. On the road At their lovely new home

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