Transporting cats, dogs, guinea pigs and budgerigars

Courier Gwen recently transported cats, dogs, guinea pigs and budgerigars. A large and varied pet family relocated from the Wirral to Scotland; while moving to England were a cat from Berlin and two dogs from the Netherlands. A dog, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 3 budgies from England to Scotland The Woods family are living their dream in the Highlands of Scotland, having relocated from the Wirral. They needed an extended transport for their many beloved pets so they could make the move calmly and be ready to welcome the animals to their new Scottish home. So courier [...]

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Trips with cats and dogs to France, Spain and Portugal

Couriers Ricardo and Gwen made several trips with cats and dogs to France, Spain and Portugal. These gorgeous pets were all over the moon to be reunited with their owners at their final destinations. Pets travelling between the UK and Spain We travelled with a snow-white puss and a family of three cats to Spain, and brought back two ginger brothers heading to the Isle of Man, and a dog relocating to London. Gorgeous Theo travelled with us from Somerset to Murcia in Spain, where Adam was delighted to receive him Handsome Casper, along with equally [...]

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Transporting a cat to Italy and bringing two dogs to Scotland

Courier Gwen made a trip transporting a cat to Italy and bringing two dogs to Scotland. Lovely Bella travelled from Sheffield to Tuscany; while gorgeous Broty and Max made the journey from Viterbo to Dundee. Bella, a cat from England to Italy Courier Ricardo collected beautiful kitty Bella from her owner Diana in Sheffield. Having organised Bella's animal health certificate (AHC), he handed her over to courier Gwen for her journey to the Tuscany region of Italy. Such a shiny jet-black cat Bella had a lovely roomy bedroom in our van… …with scenic views [...]

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Dogs Posong and Eddie flying from South Korea

A couple of weeks ago courier Trevor collected dogs Posong and Eddie flying from South Korea. These two young hounds were rescued from the streets and have been adopted by new families in the UK. The dogs flew from Seoul to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, where courier Trevor collected them for their onward journey by road and tunnel to the UK. Posong and Eddie on arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport with the volunteer who accompanied them on their flight Friendly Samoyed Posong was pleased to stretch his legs at the first opportunity [...]

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Pets travelling from England to Austria and the Czech Republic

Courier Gwen made a trip with pets travelling from England to Austria and the Czech Republic, returning via Italy and Belgium. Tau and Leelu, 2 cats from the UK to Austria We picked up Andrea's gorgeous Maine Coon cats, Tau and Leelu, from our boarding partner and collected their Animal Health Certificates (AHC) from our nearby government vet. The cats travelled with us from London to the Steiermark area of Austria, where Andrea was eagerly awaiting their arrival. Leelu (L) and Tau (R). A magnificent duo, who settled in well for the trip. We stopped for [...]

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Dogs and cats travelling in Europe and two cats flown in from Vietnam

During January our couriers were out and about, collecting dogs and cats travelling in Europe and two cats flown in from Vietnam. Macy and Mojo, 2 dogs from England to Germany We collected adorable Pugs Macy and Mojo from owner Kiren in Wigan for their journey to Tettnang om Germany. Tettnang is where Tettnang hops are grown for use in beermaking all over the world. Kiren gives his beloved pugs a proper send-off in Wigan Macy and Mojo happily settled in our van with their favourite toys Preparing to settle down in our Calais [...]

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Duke from the US, Mia from the Czech Republic

Meet our first pet passengers of 2024, Labradoodle Duke from the US, Mia from the Czech Republic, and Skye and Tilian from Italy. Duke, a dog from the US to the UK Duke's owner, Sydney, relocated from Denver in the US to Birmingham in the UK to take up a new post. Our role was to source Duke's airfreight out of Denver, meet him on arrival at London Heathrow Airport, and drive him up to Birmingham. Everything was going swimmingly until we heard there was a problem with Duke's plane, meaning his departure was delayed by 24 hours. Sydney's [...]

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Catch up on end-of-year pet travels in Europe

To wish you all a happy new year, let's catch up on end-of-year pet travels in Europe. Pets travelling between the UK, Spain and Portugal We headed to Spain with gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback Shelby for owner Dee, and delightful Shar Pei Tori for owner Dani. On the way back to the UK, we collected Caroline's lovely Cocker Spaniel Nina (a returning client) and Persian cat Peppa, travelling to join John's family. Dee and Shelby reunited in Valencia — it was hard to tell who was more excited! Dani and Tori overjoyed on meeting up near Madrid [...]

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An end-of-year trip to seasonally snowy Scandinavia

Courier Gwen made an end-of-year trip to seasonally snowy Scandinavia to meet three dogs and a cat travelling just in time for Christmas. Ilona, a dog from Sweden to Spain Gorgeous German Shepherd Dog Ilona belongs to Andreas and Andrea. Ilona joined us in Stockholm for her journey to Spain. Courier Gwen transported her as far as France, where courier Trevor took over for her onward journey to Barcelona. Andreas gave Ilona a proper send-off in cold and snowy Stockholm Ilona overnighting in Nyköping, Sweden Enjoying a walk in Denmark Getting ready [...]

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Taking Maui and Teddy to Sweden, and bringing Nova to the UK

Courier Gwen took dogs Teddy and Maui to Sweden from London. On her return journey to the UK, she had another dog, Nova, for company all the way to Hertfordshire. Maui, a dog from London to Sweden Handsome German Shepherd Dog Maui belongs to Amy. We collected him from Amy in London, who flew on ahead to be ready to greet him when he arrived in Stockholm. Amy giving Maui a proper send-off in London Stopping off for a walk in Germany Maui very relaxed A soulful look from Maui on arrival [...]

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