A long trip north to the Orkneys; and a short hop across the Channel

Tybalt, from London to the Orkneys Sarah and her young family have moved from London to Westray, in the Orkney Islands, where Sarah is to be the head teacher of the local primary school. Sarah rang us last year for help with the challenging of moving the family's cat, Tybalt. There are no longer any flights to Orkney that take pets; the only route is by boat from Scotland to the main ports of Kirkwall and Stromness. Sarah's brother Will offered to take Tybalt with him when he went to visit; but researching the options for doing so stretched even [...]

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Bonnie from Greece finds her forever home in the UK

Bonnie travelled with Animalcouriers on our last trip from Greece to the UK. She was rescued from the streets of Lesvos by Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions. Animalcouriers sponsored Bonnie's trip to the UK, confident that this lovely girl would soon find her forever home. Well, she did — with couriers J and R! Very sadly they recently lost their 16-year-old Welsh Collie, Billywhizz — but his spirit now lives on in Bonnie. Due to spend just one night at courier J's before being fostered by Wendy, Bonnie unpacked her bags, took a look around — and decided to stay. [...]

Transporting a Hermann’s Tortoise to France, a Cocker Spaniel to the Netherlands, and two kittens for Lynn

Natasha and her family are spending the summer in Paris with members of their family who live there. They asked us to transport their Hermann's Tortoise, Dave, so that he could join in the holiday fun. He's a tiny tortoise, about 6 cm wide and 15 cm long. His tank and the bags that came with him more than made up for his diminutive size! Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Bella came to stay before travelling with us to Amsterdam to rejoin her owners. It was a great opportunity to be reminded about what lovely personalities Cockers have! She's a very inquisitive [...]

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Bridie flies to Bermuda, birdies take off for the British Virgin Islands

Animalcouriers recently arranged for Cockerpoo puppy Bridie to travel from the UK to her new home in Bermuda. This gorgeous, silky young girl homeboarded with us for a few days while her import and export paperwork was finalised, and provided to be a delightful, demure house guest! Her owner let us know Bridie arrived, saying: "The little lady arrived safely, she is absolutely beautiful and full of energy. She is eating and quite happy as she zooms around the house with her new favourite toys! Thank you so much for facilitating transporting her." We also organised air travel for a [...]

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Lovely Lolli reaches her new home in the UK with Sam

Sam adopted Lolli, a young puppy living at a shelter in the northern Spanish town of Tossa de Mar. Sam heard about Lolli from Kate, whose daughter Debbie lives in Tossa de Mar. Kate and Debbie work hard to help dogs from the shelter get adopted. They focus their efforts on one dog at a time, with Kate raising money near her home in the UK to pay for the dog's passport, vaccinations and health check. Animalcouriers were due to collect Lolli on a recent road trip that took in Spain, but it didn't work out as some of her [...]

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Rigsby takes off for sun, sea and sand in Cyprus, while young JR heads to his new home in Los Angeles

Animalcouriers arranged for handsome 13-year-old hound Rigsby to fly to Northern Cyprus. He took off from Manchester in the snow, and arrived in wonderful Cypriot sunshine. His owners report that he was beside himself with joy on being reunited with them — "his whole body wagged and wagged!" said Suzanna, adding: "Thank you again for helping us bring Rigsby over to Cyprus for his retirement. You can see from the photos how much he is enjoying his new life." We also organised for gorgeous young lop-eared rabbit JR to fly from the UK to Los Angeles. Just 12 weeks old, [...]

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Sucre from Spain crosses the Channel with us, heading for Wales

On the way back from delivering the fabulous furry family of three dogs and four cats to their new French home in Brittany, Animalcouriers headed to Caen to collect Chihuahua Sucre. Sucre had travelled from Spain with his owners, but when they reached the port of Caen, it was discovered that Sucre's pet passport wasn't valid for entry to the UK. So he had to stay in kennels until the 21-day period after his rabies vaccination had elapsed. Fortunately, the timing worked out perfectly for Sucre to travel back with us to the UK this week. Courier S and Sucre [...]

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