Reunions for Baxter, Rikki and Woody in England; and for Shelley, Bingo and Louis in Ireland

Animalcouriers has been busy reuniting some of our recent passengers from continental Europe with their owners in the UK. Baxter was lucky enough to be adopted by Sam and Maddie when they were working near Carcassonne this summer. We delivered him to Sam's mum Jane in Chester, where he'll wait for Sam and Maddie to join him. Sam and Maddie are over the moon knowing that Baxter has reached the UK safely. Sam wrote to say: "I just wanted to say a massive thank you. I can't believe how helpful you have been and thoughtful to our situation. I cannot [...]

Reuniting Tosca, and drawing a pet-friendly crowd in Spain

Animalcouriers crossed into Spain where our first stop was El Vendrell in Catalonia to reunite gorgeous cat Tosca with his owner Xavier. Tosca declined to show his face for a goodbye photo — but Xavier wasn't at all surprised, explaining that Tosca is 'very shy.' We then headed straight to a garage as our van's air conditioning had become a little temperamental towards the end of the previous day. As is always the case, our passengers aroused great interest, and in no time the mechanics were pulling out their smartphones to show us photos of their own pets. The boss [...]

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News of clever Bandit, who was adopted by Christine

Last year we met a very clever black-and-white cat in Malaga. A dead ringer for Christine's cat Whiskey, Bandit managed to get himself scooped up with Christine's other cats and given a microchip and passport in Whiskey's name, ready to travel to the UK. Fortunately the mistake was quickly discovered and the real Whiskey could be collected in time. Christine, waiting for her cats to join her in the UK, was so impressed by stray cat Bandit's subterfuge that she immediately adopted him. We transported him a few weeks later once his passport was valid for the UK. Christine got in touch with us [...]

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Taking off from the UK for Australia: Doodledogs Bella and Louie, and Timmy the cat

Animalcouriers recently arranged for lovely Labradoodle Louie and beautiful Goldendoodle Bella to fly to Perth, Australia from East Sussex. Their owners had to return to Australia before the dogs were eligible to enter the country. Dogs must have a series of blood tests before travelling to Australia, including one for rabies at least 180 days before the date of travel. So Bella and Louie stayed for six months at the wonderfully named Slugwash Kennels & Cattery near Haywards Heath, while Coastway Vets took care of the blood tests and treatments, and Animalcouriers arranged the paperwork and flights. Bella and Louie flew with [...]

From reunions in Stoupa to Athens, to meet Pouca the cat

When Animalcouriers reached Greece by ferry from Italy, our first stop was Stoupa, to reunite cats Mr Pickles and Douglas, and dogs Murphy and Twiglet with Sharon. Overnight accommodation in the area is a bit sparse at this time of year but we were lucky enough to end up in a rather nice little cottage. With the weather howling and storming outside, we took advantage of the open fire which had been laid ready for us. Along with the firewood was a plastic bag full of amazingly effective firelighters — pieces of cardboard soaked in olive oil. Sacrilege! we hear [...]

Humbug and Nutter fly to Bermuda, and Mussik is reunited in England

Animalcouriers ended 2014 with a puppy flying to Bermuda, and started 2015 in the same way! During a brief visit to the UK in November, Rachael and her family chose bouncy black-and-white Cockerpoo puppy Humbug. They had to wait until December for Humbug to be old enough to fly to Bermuda to join them. She flew with BA, who accept puppies and kittens from the age of 10 weeks. Rachael wrote to say: "Humbug arrived safe and well, full of beans. Thank you so much for all your hard work arranging her safe arrival to us — we are thrilled." [...]

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Poppy, Blue and Musik join our UK-bound trip in Portugal

Having delivered cats and dogs to their families in France and Portugal, Animalcouriers are now heading back towards the UK, collecting new passengers as we go. On the Portuguese Algarve we met up with little Westie Poppy, who's relocating to Staffordshire. Her owners, Josef and Laura, had to leave the day before, so we suggested Poppy stay at Barking Mad Kennels and Cattery run by old friends of ours, Heather and Alan. From there we headed to Lisbon to collect another little dog, a four-month-old mini-Pinscher called Blue who belongs to Danii. Danii and Blue are moving to London to [...]

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A great way to start the new year — news about recent passengers Etti, Rudi, Josephine, Toddy and Maisie

Animalcouriers wishes all our friends and followers a very happy and healthy 2015. To kick off the new year in the best way, we'd like to share updates about some of our recent passengers. Rescue dog Etti (short for Loretta) travelled with us just last month from the Almeria region of Spain to join David and Victoria. David wrote to say: "Thank you very much for getting our sweet pooch to us in time for Christmas. She's such a joy. We have been very lucky with her, considering we just went on a 'hunch'. As you can see, she is [...]

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