Rips travels from Norway to Scotland; and Ben is on his way to the UK

Rips, a very glamorous black-and-white puss, became a transport veteran in a single 24-hour period, travelling by car, plane, bus, van and train. Her journey started in Bergen in Norway; from there she flew to Amsterdam with her owner. Animalcouriers drove to Amsterdam to meet Rips from the plane, while her owner flew on to Aberdeen. By 9am yesterday Rips and courier S were on their way to Calais to catch the Eurotunnel but, about 25 miles from the terminal, the motorway traffic ground to a halt. Eurotunnel was closed, owing to trespassers setting fire to tyres on the track. [...]

UK reunions for Napoleao, Cuca, Kathy, Neska, Charlie, Galatzo and Melody; and news of Danae

Couriers J and M had quite a time of it when they reached the northern French port of Calais. Fencing was being erected and there was a strong police presence to hold back a flow of migrants, reminding us about all the unhappy places in the world people are fleeing from. Then, on checking in, we discovered there was a strike at the port, so it was a three-hour wait before we could set sail. Eventually we made it back to our Surrey base, where a delighted Teresa was waiting to collect her cats Napoleao and Cuca who had travelled [...]

Heading north through France towards the UK

From Narbonne Animalcouriers headed north towards Calais, stopping last night at Chaumont, where there were excellent dog walks to be had alongside a pretty canal. On our way this morning, we were driving though a small hamlet, only to find the road blocked by an aged yet distinguished Golden Retriever. He waited until we had shown due respect by completely stopping our van. At which point he rose slowly from the middle of the road and sauntered in his own sweet time to the pavement to let us pass. A class act! We're now at Calais, ready to board the [...]

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Daisy, Bella, Porscha, Le Roi, Mr Jinks, Tallulah and Ellie Mae swap Ireland for France

This family of three dogs and four Maine Coon cats, nicknamed the 'fabulous furries' by courier S, arrived at their new French home in Brittany yesterday. Their journey started in Mooncoin, in Ireland, where Animalcouriers collected them 10 days ago. They stopped over at Burntwood Kennels in Surrey, before undertaking the second leg of their trip to France. Their owners took the 24-hour ferry from Dublin to France in very rough seas, poor things. Meanwhile, their pets took the shorter (and calmer) crossing from Dover to Calais and travelled on to Brittany by road. Daisy, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, [...]

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