We can transport your pets by air or by road. So that we can calculate the travel cost for your pets(s), please give us your departure and destination details, including town, country and postcode, using the form below.

Once we know your requirements, we’ll provide you with a quotation that covers travel, our basic admin charge and the customs declaration, if one is needed for your destination. For travel by air, our quotation also includes airline handling surcharges at the departure airport and a suitable travel box. There may be additional charges to cover extra services and requirements.

Please click on the headings below for more information and for help filling in the enquiry form.

Travel box

To calculate the right size of travel box for your animal, we need to know its dimensions. The box will sized approximately 10cms over the animal’s length and height so that your pet can sit, stand, lie down and turn around in the box.

Please provide us with the measurements of your pet(s) using the form below.

how to measure your petFor dogs, we need to know:

  • Length (cms) along a straight line from nose to the base of the tail, not along the contours of the animal’s body (measurement A in the diagram to the right)
  • Width (cms) at the widest point (measurement B)
  • Height (cms) from the floor to the top of the head (or to the tips of the ears if pointed), both standing and sitting upright (measurement C)
  • Estimated weight (kgs)

For cats we need to know:

  • Length (cms) from nose to the base of the tail
  • Height (cms) from floor to the tips of the pointed ears, both standing and sitting upright
  • Estimated weight (kgs)

For other species:

please contact us to discuss details.

If your pet already has a travel box that’s suitable for its current size and weight and is IATA compliant, we will exclude the cost of a travel box from your quotation. You just need to give us the dimensions of the box so that we can calculate the cost of the airfreight.

Preferred airports

Let us know your preferred departure and arrival airports.

Same flight option

Your pet(s) may be able to travel on the same flight as you, if you’re using an airline that takes animals. We can investigate this for you as part of the quotation process.

Door-to-door collection and delivery

We can offer door-to-door collection and delivery. This involves one of our couriers travelling with your pet; or delivery to the departure airport by one courier, and collection from the destination airport by another courier.


IATA regulations mean that puppies and kittens under eight weeks old may not travel by air. Most airlines prefer them to be at least 10 weeks old and in some cases at least 16 weeks old, depending on the length of the journey. There may also be restrictions if the weather is very hot or very cold.


All our couriers are trained and experienced in handling animals.

Accompanying your pets

If you wish to travel with your pet(s), ask us about an accompanied journey. This option may be available for destinations within the UK, France and Spain.

Animals leaving the UK may need export health certificates. Cats, dogs and ferrets travelling within the EU and to a few non-EU countries in Europe need a Pet Passport.

As part of our service we will point you in the right direction and pass on to you any information we are given. We can help you with import and export documentation — contact us if you need this help and will include it in our quotation.

Relocating can be stressful for animals, so many clients ask us to collect their pet(s) a few days ahead of the move. If they’re travelling by road, we’ll deliver them to you once you’ve moved into your new home. If they’re travelling by air, we’ll deliver them to the departure airport. If you’d like us to include short-term, pre-departure boarding in our quotation, please let us know.

Animalcouriers has liability insurance. Each animal is individually covered while in the care of Animalcouriers only and until they are handed into the care of their owners, or of the airlines or other agents who are taking responsibility for their travel.

We can include any of the following in our quotation:

  • Collection from a UK address
  • Collection from an address in selected locations around the world
  • Delivery to a UK airport
  • Delivery to selected airports around the world
  • Boarding in the UK, if a short stay is needed before departure
  • Same-day collection and delivery for departures from UK airports
  • Pet Passport or Defra export permit
  • Vet health check if this is a requirement of your destination country

If you would prefer to fill in the form offline, please download it here.

You can return it to us by:

  • email at ask@animalcouriers.com
  • fax to +44 1483 200134
  • post to our address at: Animalcouriers Ltd, Amberwell, Durfold Wood, Plaistow, WestSussex, RH14 0PN

Please use this form to give us the details we need about your pets and their journey.

If you’re not quite ready to request a full quote, please use our contact us form to discuss your requirements.

If you need to discuss anything, please call us on + 44 1483 200123.

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