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Dean avoids a scam with help from Animalcouriers

By |2017-01-25T14:16:22+00:00Friday, December 23, 2011|animal scams, latest news|

When Dean contacted us for a transport quote to Gloucester for two puppies he'd been offered from Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, we warned him it might be a scam. Why did we think that? Because Kirkwall is given as the location in a lot of puppy scams we hear about. Having taken what we had to say on board, Dean got back in touch to say: "Thank you for your responses, they helped greatly as did reading your scam warning page. After which it felt like it was a scam. So we decided to carry on looking for a puppy elsewhere [...]

Animalcouriers website helps Jason avoid being scammed

By |2017-01-25T14:16:22+00:00Tuesday, November 22, 2011|animal scams, latest news|

We recently heard from Jason who responded to an advertiser on the Friday-Ad website who was offering a puppy. Because the puppy was supposedly coming from "the other end of the country", Jason was told it would be delivered by a "UK Animals Delivery Service" courier. Very wisely, Jason looked that delivery company up on the web, and found it didn't exist. He did, however, find the Animalcouriers website, and read our page that's designed to help people avoid being scammed. Jason told us: "I wanted to thank you for the information on scammers on your site, as it was [...]

Animalcouriers’ new website is live

By |2016-10-17T11:05:50+01:00Friday, February 4, 2011|latest news|

We've revamped our website with a brand-new look and lots more photos of our animal clients. On the home page, click on any of the images to find out more details about our services, including pet road travel, animal airfreight, quarantine and pet home boarding. We've kept our 'protect yourself from scams' page button on the home page too, as we're hearing from more and more people who are at risk of being scammed; we've added summary information about scams in French and German too. To make sure you don't miss any of our blog posts, fill in your email [...]

Another scam averted

By |2016-10-17T11:08:14+01:00Tuesday, March 16, 2010|animal scams, latest news|

We just heard from Steph, a very switched-on lady who has avoided being scammed. She was emailed by someone claiming to have English Bulldog puppies for adoption, fees to be paid by Western Union money transfer. She tried calling the phone number given in the email and reports that the person who answered "didn't even know the name of his own company!" The scammer also included our website in their email, so Steph very wisely checked us out and read our page on how to avoid scams. "Thank God your site exists," she says. Relieved to have avoided being ripped [...]

Avoiding a scam

By |2016-10-17T11:08:38+01:00Monday, December 7, 2009|animal scams, latest news|

We were contacted recently by a lady called Aleks who had been promised delivery of two Siberian Husky puppies. She was worried because the email saying Animalcouriers would deliver them requested payment by Western Union money transfer to the Cameroons. She was then told if she didn't pay by a certain time, the cost would go up. Because she was suspicious, she contacted us to check before she made any payment. We were able to tell her the supposed delivery had nothing to do with Animalcouriers, and that it sounded like a typical scam. Through her quick action and by [...]

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