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Canico and Animalcouriers

By |2016-10-17T11:07:37+01:00Saturday, June 19, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road, quarantine services|

Of course, this is not the first time Animalcouriers has been involved in helping a British couple bring a rescue dog to the UK from overseas. If you follow our blog, you'll remember Togo, who was brought back from Morocco to Scotland last year by Jo and Peter with our help. So how did we get involved with Canico? Ray and Jane found us by doing a Google search. They were originally looking for a way to get Canico into quarantine in England. We 'talked' by email and suggested that, as Canico had had such a terrible start in life, [...]

Canico’s progress

By |2016-10-17T11:07:37+01:00Friday, June 18, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet air travel, pet travel by road, quarantine services|

A lot of excitement is being generated in England and Madeira about Canico (pronounced Caniso), and this afternoon it spread to Lisbon airport. Along with Ricardo from Lisbon's Monte dos Vendavais Pet Hotel, we were on tenterhooks like expectant parents, waiting for the Mangy Madeiran Mutt (as Ray and Jane call him) to touch down at his first port of call, Lisbon airport in Portugal. In fact, the only one not particularly excited was Canico himself, who took it all in his stride as if air travel was an everyday occurrence for him. As Ricardo looked into Canico's travel box [...]

Meet British Bulldog Bella — and we’re celebrating 10 years of blogging!

By |2019-06-24T13:45:02+01:00Monday, June 24, 2019|pet transport, pet travel by sea|

Animalcouriers are celebrating 10 years of blogging. It made us think warmly of all the clients we've got to know, and all the followers and friends we've gained over the past decade. And naturally it prompted us to look back at some of the stories our blogs have told. We were especially struck by the long and complex journeys some pets undertake, and the lengths to which owners go to made sure their pets can relocate wherever the family goes — like Bella, who recently travelled in style from New York to Athens. Bella English Bulldog Bella belongs to Suzanne, [...]

using our blog

By |2016-10-17T10:48:56+01:00Tuesday, December 15, 2015|

getting the best from our blog We’re really glad you’re interested in our blog. You can use it to find out about our road trips through Europe and up and down the UK, and about some of the animals we ship by air. We try and blog about as many of our passengers as we can, so that their owners can see how they’re getting on: “Lovely piccies of my Min and the Blues Brothers Jake and Elwood. I was just thinking about them when I remembered I could track them on your site,” said Eunice. “A big thank you [...]

client testimonials

By |2019-07-03T10:07:19+01:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

All photographs on this site are of our animal clients. All countries mentioned are destinations to which we have delivered animals. All species mentioned, we have handled. Just a final thank you for all your help in bringing Bea and Chilly Boy back to the UK. I collected them today and they are now at home and still talking to me. Great people and great service. Well done to all your team. Colin, Izzy, Bea and Chilly Boy “CB”!!! (Chlly Boy and Bea travelled with Animalcouriers from Portugal to the UK) The rats and gerbils are all in [...]

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Top ten tongues quiz — and the winners are…

By |2016-10-17T10:53:57+01:00Sunday, April 28, 2013|animal transportation, latest news, quiz time|

Thanks to everyone who entered our quiz. We had great fun reading everyone's responses, not just the answers but also your funny, imaginative and touching comments. First things first, our apologies for this late post — and here are the answers: 1 = Phaidon  2 = Caesar  3 = Miggins  4 = Canico  5 = Lobo (and in our minds the best tongue of them all)  6 = Phaidra  7 = Bella  8 = Harry  9 = Chloe  10 = Mojo Now, onto the winners: because we originally made a mistake and repeated the name Phaidon instead of giving the [...]

Tracking and tracing the top ten tongues

By |2016-10-17T10:54:05+01:00Tuesday, April 16, 2013|animal transportation, quiz time, things we have seen, things we like|

To mark the 2000th post in the nearly four years Animalcouriers has been blogging, we thought we'd publish photos of the top ten tongues that have turned up on our travels to date. Here are the names of the animals in question. Can you match the names to the tongues? In no particular order: Bella, Harry, Canico, Phaidon, Chloe, Lobo, Mojo, Caesar, Miggins, Phaidon — sorry everyone, this last name should have been Phaidra (our bad) Entirely at our own discretion, we may award a small prize of little or no value to the answer that makes us laugh, gets [...]

Sad news from Biddissville

By |2016-10-17T10:54:29+01:00Monday, March 11, 2013|Biddissville News|

Our regular correspondent from Biddisville has shared with us the tragic news that Officer Oswald has left his earthly beat for the great police dog station in the sky, where he is doubtless already hard at work keeping order among all the beloved pets who went before him. Jane tells us: "Biddissville is in a sad state of mourning over the devastating death of dearest Officer Oswald of the collie police (black and white division). Notorious criminals such as The Portuguese Pilfering Pooch and silly flibberty-gibbets like Mental Mini are strangely subdued. Mrs Biddiss had to dry her own lower [...]

Christmas in Biddisville

By |2016-10-17T10:55:35+01:00Thursday, December 27, 2012|Biddissville News, things we like, updates from previous passengers|

Courier J was visiting family in the north just before Christmas and took a few hours out to call on our very popular correspondent from Biddissville, Jane, her husband the revving Rev Ray, and their three dogs. Oswald is the resident senior officer in the collie police (black and white division). Canico, who goes under many aliases, is a hopelessly unreformed character who hails originally from Madeira and is a great trial to officer Oswald. And Amber, aka Mental Mini, the recent victim of a nasty leg fracture, is now sporting  a Lizarov frame that has led to her being [...]

Madeirian Mongrel in Mouse Murder Mayhem

By |2016-10-17T11:01:00+01:00Tuesday, March 6, 2012|Biddissville News, latest news, things we like|

A shocking news story has just broken from Biddissville. The petty pooch pilferer known for his sneaky snitching of small goods seems to have taken a shockingly unexpected turn in to the grimy world of murder and mayhem. According to Officer Oswald of the black and white collie police the event took place yesterday on the top of the Yorkshire Moors in a thick winter blizzard. Conditions were very poor but Officer Oswald got a clear collie view of the murderous mayhem. Officer Oswald had just returned to police patrol duties after 2 days sick leave following his latest epileptic [...]