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Couriers converge in Italy, and more passengers hop on board as we head towards the UK

Couriers J and G collected pets in the Rome area and the port of Ancona, while couriers M and S docked at Brindisi, following their crossing from Greece. Couriers J and G stayed at a delightful hotel less than an hour from Rome called I Due Laghi. It's a combined farm and equestrian centre that also produces delicious organic milk and cheese. A peaceful interlude for us before tackling the roads around Rome! Wonderful green and leafy gardens Some parts of the garden are laid out in a formal style Chiara We met up with very pretty cat [...]

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Dilly, Benedict and Florentine join our trip as we head north

Animalcouriers collected lovely cat Dilly from Covihla in Portugal. As we drove through the old town the roads became steeper and narrower until we had to send out for help. Luckily Ines could pop Dilly into her travel box and bring her to us! Dilly is on her way to Scotland. We suspect she's used to chilly winters, however, given the snow depth marking posts we encountered along the way. We stayed last night at Mont de Marsan in France's Aquitaine region and today were pleased to call on our favourite vet, Dr Diana James, who gave some of our doggy [...]

Charlie to Abu Dhabi, Jasper to the US, Robbie and Aqapi to Crete

Golden Retriever Charlie will shortly be off to Abu Dhabi. He was originally due to stay in the UK, but his family missed him too much, so plans were changed and he's now off to rejoin them the Middle East. Charlie's enjoying a brief stay with courier M and his Golden Retriever Amber while the export paperwork is finalised. Meanwhile cute Westie Jasper was collected from Chelsea yesterday evening. He spent last night with courier J, ready to head off to the US today. And finally, as we prepare for our next road trip to Greece, Robbie and Aqapi are the [...]

Bruno, Issy and Sam are off to Northern Cyprus

These three handsome hounds are moving to Northern Cyprus with their owners Ian and Michelle. We took Bruno, Issy and Sam, along with Labradoodle Buddy and black Lab Winston, to the Waterdene veterinary surgery in Caterham, Surrey, to get the mounds of paperwork required for them to enter Northern Cyprus sorted by the efficient Mr Dibble. The dogs also had their internal parasite treatment and boosters against parvo virus and other nasty ailments. Unfortunately, after we'd checked in at Eurotunnel we received a call to say that Buddy's blood test report — an essential requirement for entering Northern Cyprus — [...]

Off to North Cyprus via Switzerland and a Greek island

Animalcouriers are on their way to North Cyprus with a variety of pets who're all bound for different destinations.  Biggie and Ginger are Manau's much-loved rabbits. Manau has been studying in London and is now returning to her home in the Zurich area of Switzerland — and of course, Biggie and Ginger are going too. Cats Spangle and Toffee are off to North Cyprus. Their owners, June and Len, are driving themselves there via Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. We speculated that we might get there before them, so they have friends on hand to welcome Spangle and Toffee if need [...]

Alice is swapping Sweden for the UK

Having dropped off Fudge and Angel in Germany, Animalcouriers headed via Denmark to Sweden to collect Swedish Vallhund Alice. Her grandpa drove her over 1,000 km from Sweden's skiing region to meet us in Malmo, where it was strangely quiet after the Eurovision song contest the night before. Alice is on her way to join the rest of her family who've moved to Watford. We know some little girls are waiting impatiently for this most important member of the family to arrive! Banana and avocado parfait — strange but true, this dessert was served with kiwi, strawberries and grapes [...]

Visiting the vet for the dogs’ parasite treatments

We took the Archie and Oliver to see Maira the vet to have their parasite treatments. (Pepito and Maggie's treatments were up to date so they didn't have to come in to the surgery.) Oliver's passport had run out of space for recording parasite treatments, so the Greek vet had made the entry elsewhere in the document. We felt that probably wouldn't do at Calais, so Maira made Oliver a new passport — better safe than sorry. Co-operative Archie sits down on the scales What's caught Oliver's attention? He doesn't normally stand still for a moment! Oliver [...]

Busy in Burgos: dog walks, new arrivals and a veterinary checkup

When we reached Burgos in northern Spain last night the dogs on board were ready for a long walk and lots of playtime. Later in the evening four new arrivals joined our trip. This morning the vet came to give everyone on board a checkup, so it was time for a full roll call. Snoopy was first as he's always impatient for a run around and a cuddle. He's enjoying the trip and has made some new friends. Russell is enjoying meeting all the new dogs as they come on board and it seems to be cheering him [...]

Cockie is moving from Madrid

German Shepherd cross Cockie is a super fun — a comical, slightly crazy character. This adorable hound is moving from the Madrid area to the UK. He took to travelling like a pro, relaxing gently into the trip over the course of yesterday afternoon. In the evening, we met with our vet in Burgos to do the dogs' worming treatment. We think the cats were feeling rather pleased with themselves as they just had a check over and a cuddle with the vet! Not that the dogs really minded at all, as you can see from Cockie's behaviour! Lovely [...]

Visiting the vet in Castiglioni del Lago

We spent last night on the northern outskirts of Rome and this morning made our way to the vet to have the dogs' internal parasite treatment done, and all the pets' paperwork updated. On this trip we're entering the UK with the same paperwork as before, but presented in a new way. Vet Maira was very interested in the new veterinary certificates and we shared stories while the dogs had their treatment. We know that if the staff on duty at Calais don't recognise this paperwork or have any doubts at all, there will be a delay when we come [...]

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