Badger cub update

You may remember that courier R, who is a something of a badger expert, was involved in rescuing a pair of badger cubs whose sett had been accidentally disturbed. The cubs were taken to Wildlife Aid in Surrey, where the prognosis for their survival was put at just 50/50. Sadly, despite the top-notch care they're receiving, we've heard that one of the cubs has died. Wildlife Aid says it's only to be expected, as they were so young; but even so it's a sad time when everyone has worked so hard. The sibling continues to grow, but is still very [...]

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When Eve met Rupert

Yesterday Eve came to collect Rupert, and it looks like a wonderful new friendship has begun. Poor Eve was very poorly this week, but has been very brave about it while staying with her Grannie. As soon as her mum arrived, she rushed to the stables to greet Rupert and welcome him to the family. Reindeer can be very shy but Rupert immediately fell into her Eve's arms. We hope a certain Mr S and Tommi elf know just how well Eve will look after her new friend from Lapland. Eve and Rupert

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Oliver, Grisou and Mikki are well settled in to their new home

Last November Animalcouriers brought Oliver and his feline companions Grisou and Mikki from Antibes in France to the UK. Their owner Jacqui tells us they've all settled in brilliantly "I can't praise Animalcouriers enough! From all the convoluted and changing arrangements, handled with speed and humour by J, to the infinite patience of courier M2 who arrived to pick up the travellers just as one of them escaped into the back alleys of Antibes! When they arrived at their new home in Middle Barton, they had obviously been pampered and any possible ruffled feathers smoothed, because they settled down with [...]

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