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Enjoying the sights and sounds of Turkey

Today is a 'no news' day for the Animalcouriers trip that's passing through Turkey on the way to Greece, and hoping to reach Bodrum tonight. In our case, no news is good news! Having a calm day or two gives us a chance to reflect on recent happenings and remember the people who've been kind, helpful and thoughtful during challenging times! For starters, the owners of the dogs — the intrepid band who accompanied us to Mersin got safely back to Famagusta. From the moment we met them at the KAR office as we limped back from our first abortive [...]

Ginger Nuts at the Denizkizi Hotel

Animalcouriers are enjoying the civilised comforts of the Denizkizi Hotel in North Cyprus. They were especially pleased to be greeted by 'Ginger Nuts' — a young ginger tom whose clipped ear indicates he's had the snip as part of Kyrenia Animal Rescue's neutering programme for stray cats. Last week he'd spent quite a bit of time sitting on courier M's lap (who gave him his name). As soon as he spotted us this time, he came straight over, as if to say, where have you been? Hello, I've missed you! The telltale clipped left ear [...]

Indulge your love of doodle dogs with a Cyprodoodle!

Many of the dogs rescued by Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) are Cyprus Poodles or include that breed in their makeup. Margaret of KAR has christened them all Cyprodoodles, and many are looking for loving new homes. Here's the background on just four of these lovely dogs — all young adults — who're currently being looked after at the KAR rescue centre. If you have room in your life for a Cyprodoodle, visit the KAR website rehoming page or contact KAR. Dinky is affectionate, likes to be cuddled and is always ready to put her head on your shoulder — as [...]

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KAR’s new veterinary clinic needs an autoclave and a centrifuge

A couple of years ago there was a big hike in vet costs which caused a severe drain on KAR's finances. They realised that if they had their own clinic, focusing on neutering street cats and dogs under their 'neuter and release' programme, they could promote animal welfare and save themselves a lot of money. On moving to their new premises they set up a clinic and started raising funds to pay for equipment. They already have good consulting and operating rooms, and will receive more kit from the UK soon. It's a fantastic achievement. Among the equipment they still [...]

Reunions for Szmelowina, Oliver and Archie

Cat Szmelowina and dogs Oliver and Archie had very happy reunions with their families today. Animalcouriers delivered Szmelowina from Italy to her new home in Birmingham, where her family were absolutely delighted to have her back with them. Szmelowina peered out curiously at her new neighbourhood, then once indoors, rushed around on a mad exploration. There was lots of excitement when Oliver reached his new home in Walsall. After a year apart it was an incredible reunion. Lucky Oliver's new home is above a chip shop — he was taken straight off to meet the lovely [...]

Last night in Carisio: azaleas, mountains and paddy fields

We stayed at the Hotel Paladini in Carisio in the Piedmont region of Italy. We were treated to beautiful views while walking the dogs, and azaleas in full bloom. We woke to splendid views of mountains behind the paddy fields — it's hard to believe how much rice is grown in Italy Sauntering around our hotel Beautiful Alex, framed by azaleas — our calendar girl of the trip Is this my best side? All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up Just look at the view, says Pepito [...]

Tracking and tracing the top ten tongues

To mark the 2000th post in the nearly four years Animalcouriers has been blogging, we thought we'd publish photos of the top ten tongues that have turned up on our travels to date. Here are the names of the animals in question. Can you match the names to the tongues? In no particular order: Bella, Harry, Canico, Phaidon, Chloe, Lobo, Mojo, Caesar, Miggins, Phaidon — sorry everyone, this last name should have been Phaidra (our bad) Entirely at our own discretion, we may award a small prize of little or no value to the answer that makes us laugh, gets [...]

Around 100 dogs from Filozoikos have been rehomed

We asked Conrad from the UK-based Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group how many dogs have been rehomed from the Filozoikos Shelter. He estimates around 100 over the past three years, which is pretty impressive. Conrad had his own Greek rescue dog, called Indexi, who he describes as his 'very special companion and the best thing I ever did in my life.' It's in honour of Indexi, and of Kiki and the other caring people at Filozoikos, that he works so hard with the teams in Greece and the UK to rehome so many of these lovely dogs. Like [...]

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A new character joins the cast of ‘Tales from Biddissville’

We asked Jane how the residents of Biddissville have been coping since the sad loss of beloved Officer Oswald. She quickly replied to let us know the latest development: Rev Ray and Mrs Biddiss are friends with Barbara who dedicates her life to all things Collie. As well as being the leading Collie expert in the whole known universe Barbara also runs the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies (FOSTBC) in Bingley — a Collie rescue centre where Rev and Mrs Biddiss acquired the small brown loopy one glorifying in the name of Mental Mini. Rev and Mrs Biddiss [...]

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