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Phoebe is emigrating from France to Australia, via the UK

Pretty tabby-and-white cat Phoebe and her owner Liz have been living in beautiful rural Flayat in the Limousin region of France. Now they're relocating to the Yarra Valley, near Melbourne in Australia. When Liz started organising Phoebe's travel, she struggled to find a local vet who could steer her through the Australian import process. Things got off to a less-than-brilliant start when the vet forgot to put the date of Phoebe's rabies vaccination on her RNATT (Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test) declaration that's required by the Australian authorities as part of the import application. Somewhat frustrated, Liz contacted Animalcouriers for [...]

Responsible UK rehoming of Greek dogs and cats

As you'll know from our previous blog, the Greek authorities have implemented some new paperwork requirements. They now need additional papers from UK adopters that provide proof of ownership of dogs and cats adopted in Greece. Animalcouriers is a UK Government-authorised animal transporter. Our licence and our van certification to carry pets have been passed by the Greek authorities. It's our policy never to transport pets that don't have a forever home to go to — we would never knowingly take animals to the UK whose future isn't assured. The Filozoikos Shelter is a registered charity, recognised by the Greek [...]

Peter the tortoise speeds his way to the Lone Star state

Peter the Hermann's Tortoise (Testudo hermanii) has escaped the English autumn to join his owners in Texas. No-one knows how old Peter is, but he's been with the same family for over 50 years! There was a bit of a rush on to organise Peter's flight as he had to travel before he started getting ready to hibernate for the winter. However, Hermann's tortoises are an endangered species protected by CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. So he couldn't travel until his CITES export certificate was issued. Peter stayed with family friends in the UK while the export paperwork was [...]

After a record 25 hours in the port of Mersin, we are finally through!

They do say patience is a virtue — well, by now we're all feeling pretty virtuous. Last night, after supper and an evening walk for the dogs, Animalcouriers had to leave the van at Mersin port in police custody and go to the nearest hotel. This morning we were back at the port bright and early. A new police shift had appeared and were initially reluctant to let us into the port. "No ticket, no come in," they said. Then the friendly officers who'd kept a watchful eye on the van overnight appeared, greeting us with: "Good morning! Tea?" So in [...]

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And it all seemed to be going so well…

After we left the veterinary department at Mersin port, Diana, Rory, Paige, Jayne and Janet went to check in for their return ferry to North Cyprus. As they reached the window, the very grumpy clerk said: "Closed. Closed at 5.00pm." Meanwhile, courier M was at customs getting Animalcouriers permission to leave the port in their van. But the entry of our van's numberplate onto the computer had a letter O in place of a zero. So they couldn't process the paperwork. We then discovered that Diana and her car were being refused permission to leave the port because, according the [...]

Last night’s crossing, and arrival in Mersin this morning

We waved goodbye to Nathan as he drove off in his grandmother Janet's car and boarded the ferry. Various members of the crew came to see us and there were several discussions about the dogs. We wanted the dogs to stay in the van, but were told we had to take them up onto the deck with us. "Upstairs OK," they said. So we started the process of decamping onto the back open deck — dog beds and blankets, food and water bowls, and all our own stuff. It took several trips, then we settled down and courier M opened a [...]

Through customs at Famagusta with only a slight hitch

At Famagusta port we checked in, claimed our tickets for the ferry, and went through passport control. It was all going swimmingly until we got to customs. The log book for Janet's car is in joint names with her husband, who isn't travelling on this trip. Customs' view was that Janet could be taking the car out of North Cyprus without his permission. So thinking quickly on our feet, we reconvened our party and are now all travelling in just two vehicles: Diana's car and the Animalcouriers van. Our ferry to Mersin awaits Queueing for our tickets [...]

Meeting at the KAR offices to get everything set for our foray into Turkey

Yesterday we met with Margaret and Kim from KAR, at their lovely new office, Reo's owner Jayne, and Diane who owns Jasper, Roxy and Tink. Brandy's owner Janet was with us in spirit as she lives a long way out of town. Straight after the meeting, Jayne, Diane and Janet went off to get their Turkish declarations notarised, and permission to drive their cars in Turkey. Meanwhile Bob and Lynn came in to arrange flights to the UK for their dogs Purdey and Cookie. A real 'round table' meeting at KAR's office Bob and Lynn arranging their [...]

Plan Z: crossing to Turkey on Thursday night

Animalcouriers met with Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) and the dogs' families at the KAR office to discuss options for transporting the dogs to the UK The one we're favouring is for the dogs and their owners to leave North Cyprus with us on Thursday night on the overnight ferry from Famagusta to the Turkish port of Mersin. Eren from Petical Vets in Mersin has come back a day early from a conference in Istanbul and is preparing paperwork and making arrangements with the Turkish government vet. So when we arrive on Friday everything should be in place to enable the [...]

Safely back in North Cyprus with our seven passengers

We eventually boarded the midnight ferry from the Turkish port of Tasucu, bound for Girne in North Cyprus, and it eventually left sometime after 3.00 this morning. The captain of the ferry turned out to be a dog lover, and kindly made sure we had a position on the top deck so that we could open up the doors so that the dogs had a refreshing breeze. The dogs are all well, if a little bored by now, and all have behaved impeccably. A credit to their owners! As usual with this ferry journey there was a great deal of [...]