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The answer to our quiz

Thanks to everyone who put forward their answer to our latest quiz. A few of you were right about it being bars of soap. In fact, it's a wall of soap bars, each one individually screwed in place. So well done Gunta, Lisa, Toastie and Valerie who all suggested soap in some form or another. But we did like Texas's idea that it was bars of catnip! Mouse crates, Jules?! A closer look

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It’s quiz time

Last night Animalcouriers stayed in a hotel in the mountains — remote enough that there was no signal for their BlackBerries! All the cats and dogs are very well and relaxed, with hearty appetites — they all seem to be eating for Europe. By way of a little diversion, here's a quick quiz for you (no prizes, it's just for fun). What do you think this is? What can it be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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The solution to our quiz

The photo shows the underside of the dome of the Mosque of Sultan Ibrahim Han, in the fortress at Rethymnon on the island of Crete. It's one of many fortresses that were built by the Venetians and which fell to the Turks. The mosque dates to around 1646 and has recently been restored. Its hemispherical dome is one of the largest in Greece. Courier M took the photo lying on his back — which also is a very good way of cooling down on a hot day. The acoustics were terrific which is probably why the mosque is now used for music recitals. As [...]

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The real ‘chien lunatique’

The arrival of a parcel from France caused great excitement in the Biddiss household. A group of fascinated hounds gathered round, hoping against hope that the contents would be smelly, garlicky and sausage like. Alas all canine hopes were dashed as Jane produced what turned out to be the prize for the most creative answer to the Animalcouriers May quiz: a T shirt and postcard bearing the immortal words ‘chien lunatique’. ‘’Could have told you that already, in any language you wanted,’’ Officer Oswald was heard to mutter in a huff as he and Amber, his Collie sister, returned to [...]

Quiz results…

Well, it's a hard decision this month. We had two quizzes running at the same time: 1.  What is this a picture of?: Any idea? We had this answer from our vet, Diana James, who suggested "rolls of cheese?". Jane Biddiss suggested they were "Bananas as designated by the EU – standard shape, standard colour, standard size!!!" 2.  What's the bag for? Any idea? Diana suggested "snails?" Jane however suggested "The bag is for their shopping. This person isn’t harvesting anything they were just crossing the field on their way to the shops!!!" The real answers [...]

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