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The results of our quiz — and thank you everyone who took part!

We celebrated the launch of the new-look Animalcouriers website and blog with (what we hope was) a fun quiz. Thanks to everyone who took part, or who raced to be first to comment on or like the post. Now it's time to announce the winners. And yes, there are prizes! Animalcouriers calendars all round. Meet Edgar, our April pin up. Edgar was a passenger in Animalcouriers' first operating year, travelling from London to the South of France. Here he is at 3 and he's looking mighty fine still at 16! First out of the starting blocks The winners [...]

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New year, new website, new quiz!

Happy new year to all our friends and followers! Here at Animalcouriers we’ve been busy over the festive season redesigning our website and blog to make them mobile friendly. So if you're a tablet or smartphone user, why not take a few minutes now to have a browse through our new website and blog? We've also made changes to some of the content, including adding information about our channel hopping service, and updating our web page about pet passports and TRACES. There are new photos of pets on many of the pages, too. To celebrate the new year and our new online look, we're giving away [...]

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Phoebe is emigrating from France to Australia, via the UK

Pretty tabby-and-white cat Phoebe and her owner Liz have been living in beautiful rural Flayat in the Limousin region of France. Now they're relocating to the Yarra Valley, near Melbourne in Australia. When Liz started organising Phoebe's travel, she struggled to find a local vet who could steer her through the Australian import process. Things got off to a less-than-brilliant start when the vet forgot to put the date of Phoebe's rabies vaccination on her RNATT (Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test) declaration that's required by the Australian authorities as part of the import application. Somewhat frustrated, Liz contacted Animalcouriers for [...]

Fluffy and Raf join our trip in Alicante

We called in to collect cats Fluffy and Raf in the Alicante region of Spain. Their owner Helen moved to Cheltenham in January, and her cats have been looked after by Lesley and Mick at their little cattery near Onil in the meantime. Lesley loves animals, and cats are her hobby. She also has chickens, doves and a dog! Last night we stayed at a very Spanish motel on the edge of the A3 Valencia–Madrid road, where there was a warm welcome for us. We watched a lively football match on TV between Madrid and Barcelona and enjoyed a very Valencian evening [...]

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Happy New Year everyone — and giveaway results!

We do hope you all had a very enjoyable festive season and are rested, refreshed and ready for this brave new year. We most certainly are! Thank you for your kind wishes and fun responses to our last post. As we said, we are awarding Animalcouriers Beer Paws to our five most prolific commenters. Easy — thanks for calling by and commenting so often, you make us laugh here and at your own wonderfully wacky blog. Gunta — you were right, shameless amounts of treats were used during that photo shoot! We enjoy our beach walks on your blog and [...]

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Happy holidays everyone! And thank you to all our followers and commenters…

To celebrate another great year at Animalcouriers, we're holding a giveaway to our five most faithful and often very funny commenters. To make it fun for everyone, we'll be giving away extra prizes for any comments on this post that tickle our fancy! So, what are we giving away? Thanks to Crystal from the Wayward Dogs blog, we have caught the Beer Paws bug. Crystal has started up a great company which makes all sorts of interesting beer-related items and donates at least 10% of profits to animal welfare causes. When we saw them we had to get some dog-collar Beer Paws [...]

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Top ten tongues quiz — and the winners are…

Thanks to everyone who entered our quiz. We had great fun reading everyone's responses, not just the answers but also your funny, imaginative and touching comments. First things first, our apologies for this late post — and here are the answers: 1 = Phaidon  2 = Caesar  3 = Miggins  4 = Canico  5 = Lobo (and in our minds the best tongue of them all)  6 = Phaidra  7 = Bella  8 = Harry  9 = Chloe  10 = Mojo Now, onto the winners: because we originally made a mistake and repeated the name Phaidon instead of giving the [...]

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Tracking and tracing the top ten tongues

To mark the 2000th post in the nearly four years Animalcouriers has been blogging, we thought we'd publish photos of the top ten tongues that have turned up on our travels to date. Here are the names of the animals in question. Can you match the names to the tongues? In no particular order: Bella, Harry, Canico, Phaidon, Chloe, Lobo, Mojo, Caesar, Miggins, Phaidon — sorry everyone, this last name should have been Phaidra (our bad) Entirely at our own discretion, we may award a small prize of little or no value to the answer that makes us laugh, gets [...]

Collective noun for Golden Retrievers

We received lots of great ideas for the collective noun for Golden Retrievers. We particularly liked virginiaplantation's suggestion of a Golden Ring; and were very taken with thecompleteguidetoOscar's idea of a Packet of Golden Wonder. And Liz's suggestion of a Waggle and her explanation for it made us chuckle. Gunta's idea of a Gift was lovely too — she was honest enought to admit it came from a list of breed-specific collective noun ideas on another site, and we really enjoyed reading through them, so thanks for posting the link, Gunta. Courier M, who had the original idea for the [...]

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